17 Fictional Men Who Make Long Coats Sexy

Or maybe it’s the coats that make them sexy?

1. The Doctor

His coats defy time and space with their sexiness.

3. Castiel

This trench coat is angelic. Please bring it back.

4. Sherlock Holmes

I deduce that this coat makes him one sexy mother-effer.

5. Captain Jack Sparrow

He can pillage my treasure any day.

6. Hannibal Lecter

You can almost forget he eats people…almost.

7. Captain Mal Reynolds

He *IS* a Browncoat.

8. Ichabod Crane

After over 200 years, both he and the coat look good.

9. Loki Laufeyson

11. Fox Mulder


12. John Harrison

I KHAN’T take the hotness.

13. Captain Jack Harkness

How could any human or alien say no to him?

14. Mr. Darcy

It is a truth universally acknowledged that he looks drop dead sexy.

15. Spike

The Big Bad never looked so good.

16. Aragorn

He doesn’t need a ring to rule us all. Just this coat.

17. Jaime Lannister

Let’s give him a hand for his wardrobe choice.

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