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20 Times The Cast Of "Sleepy Hollow" Proved They Are Utterly Adorable

Possibly the cutest cast ever.

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"I think we have firmly established that I DO NOT take myself too seriously but good lord this picture is just straight up Sexy Hollow with a side of serious bad ass.

Excuse me for a minute while I stand in the corner fangirling myself."

4. This.

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Rapid fire questions.

Even Irving/Headless Sign.


"I’ve got the sign in my office right now. I got that sign pregnant three times. Now, here’s the thing; the sign’s all weird because I don’t really do yellow and black babies, you know what I’m saying. Cuz I’m like, “I’m not birthing a Steelers fan, I’m already a Steelers fan. So you want to birth a Cowboy and insert [the baby] into their coven and take them down from the inside.” So yeah, I ship that sign. Heavily."

6. Tom worrying about his face.

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15. The time the cast played "Fuck, Marry, Kill: Demon Edition".


Katia: Probably marry the Headless Horseman. Kill Moloch, and sleep with the Sandman — he’s not a bad guy.

Tom: I have to fuck one of them? Are there no lady demons? I could dry-hump one of them. I will dry-hump the Horseman just for the alliteration. Definitely kill [Moloch], he’s very unpleasant. But then marry the Sandman?! But he can’t talk so I can just shove him in the corner with his spooky fingers.

Nicole: I would sleep with the Horseman because, you know, minus the head, everything else looks good — and who needs a face?

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