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    20 Times The Cast Of "Sleepy Hollow" Proved They Are Utterly Adorable

    Possibly the cutest cast ever.

    1. When Tom Mison and Nicole Beharie act super cutesy.


    "I think she’s remarkable. If I could work with Nicole for the rest of my career, I’d be quite happy."

    2. That time Orlando Jones and Katia Winter tweeted about wardrobe choices.

    3. Everytime Orlando posts on Tumblr.


    "Fangirls. Fangirls everywhere."


    "I think we have firmly established that I DO NOT take myself too seriously but good lord this picture is just straight up Sexy Hollow with a side of serious bad ass.

    Excuse me for a minute while I stand in the corner fangirling myself."

    4. This.

    View this video on YouTube


    Rapid fire questions.

    5. When Orlando starts shipping.

    Even Irving/Headless Sign.


    "I’ve got the sign in my office right now. I got that sign pregnant three times. Now, here’s the thing; the sign’s all weird because I don’t really do yellow and black babies, you know what I’m saying. Cuz I’m like, “I’m not birthing a Steelers fan, I’m already a Steelers fan. So you want to birth a Cowboy and insert [the baby] into their coven and take them down from the inside.” So yeah, I ship that sign. Heavily."

    6. Tom worrying about his face.

    View this video on YouTube


    7. When Katia tried to compete in the Fan Art Challenge.

    8. This photoshoot.

    9. At NYC Comic-Con when Tom referred to himself as a "flouncing tart".


    "Now everyone is googling 'flouncing tart'".

    10. When "The Irvings" hang out on set.


    Orlando and Amandla Stenberg.

    11. The time Tom accidently gave away a spoiler about Ichabod's clothing.

    12. When this happened.

    13. That time Orlando made some fanart.

    14. When Tom tried to keep Orlando out of this interview.

    15. The time the cast played "Fuck, Marry, Kill: Demon Edition".


    Katia: Probably marry the Headless Horseman. Kill Moloch, and sleep with the Sandman — he’s not a bad guy.

    Tom: I have to fuck one of them? Are there no lady demons? I could dry-hump one of them. I will dry-hump the Horseman just for the alliteration. Definitely kill [Moloch], he’s very unpleasant. But then marry the Sandman?! But he can’t talk so I can just shove him in the corner with his spooky fingers.

    Nicole: I would sleep with the Horseman because, you know, minus the head, everything else looks good — and who needs a face?

    16. Nicole posing with Officer Wendy Yancey, the real Sleepy Hollow’s only female police officer.

    17. Nicole's poses in general.

    18. When Orlando dressed like this on set.

    19. Tom answering "Star Trek vs Star Wars" a bit too fast while sitting next to his boss.

    20. And when the cast pimped the World Series on Fox.


    Crane: “Neither a cardinal nor a sock are very intimidating adversaries.”

    Abbie: “We live in Sleepy Hollow, New York, so this year we just want a good game.”

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