12 Reasons “SuperSleepy” Needs To Happen

The crossover that practically writes itself.

1. The Height Differences.

Via CW and FOX

Sam Winchester – 6’ 4”
Dean Winchester – 6’ 1”
Ichabod Crane – 6’ 1”
Abbie Mills – 5’ 1”

But we all know she can kick their asses.

2. Sam Geeking Out Over Ichabod

Via FOX and CW

He loves his research, so just think about the nerdgasm he’d have over Crane. Let’s hope the pages of Washington’s Bible don’t stick together.

3. Irving seeing the Winchester Rap Sheet

The grave diggings. The bank robberies. The Leviathan-doppelganger shooting sprees. Oh, and they’re legally dead. But the Captain has some experience with the last one.

4. A Weapon-off!

Via CW and FOX

Dean and Jenny love to show off their ammunition. Wouldn’t be surprised if it brought some sparks. Who’s down to ship Denny?

5. Cas and Ichabod Bonding Over Confusion

Via CW and FOX

Ichabod: “Things have changed immensely in 250 years.”
Castiel: “I was observing the entire time and don’t understand. But try TV. I’ve learned a few things from The Pizza Man.”

6. Mills and Mills

Via FOX and CW

Abbie Mills meet Jodie Mills. Both are female cops from small towns who have been unwillingly thrust into a war against the supernatural.

7. The Nicknames


Dean would have a field day. “Thanks for the history lesson, School House Rock.”

8. Crowley/Moloch

Via CW

Crowley: “So Moose and Squirrel are dealing with the big, scary Moloch. That demon lacks some panache if you ask me. And between us girls, Moloch’s using the theatrics to overcompensate for something.”

9. PIE!

Via CW and FOX

10. Colloquial Differences

Ichabod: “May I ask how you expect to gank Moloch?”

11. Apocalyptic Advice

Via CW and FOX

The Winchesters know about dealing with horsemen and the apocalypse. Their knowledge of purgatory would set Katrina free. But expect Dean to hit on Mrs. Crane.

And most importantly…

12. Orlando Jones Approves!

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