10 Reasons Bill and Ted 3 will be EXCELLENT!

Why the third Bill and Ted movie will be an excellent adventure.

As the third installment of the Bill and Ted saga continues to work its way through the pipeline, excitement keeps growing. And it’s become more and more clear that this movie with be epic. Here’s why:

1. 1. It’s not a reboot.

Bill S. Preston, Esquire and Ted “Theodore” Logan, aren’t getting a millennial makeover. The characters will be stepping into the history-hopping phone booth once again, even at their more “mature” age.

2. More historical figures for them to know nothing about.

Our favorite San Dimas residents have learned that Joan of Arc didn’t marry Noah, Caesar wasn’t a “salad dressing dude”, and Napoleon was more than just a short, dead guy. So what will B & T learn next? That J. Edgar Hoover didn’t invent the vacuum cleaner?

3. Alex Winter will be relevant again.

Do me a favor, name something Alex Winter has done since 1992…I’ll wait until you IMDB it.

4. Dean Parisot is directing.

Two words: Galaxy Quest. By Grabthar’s hammer…this is effing awesome!

5. Lots of buzz, but no rush.

It feels like we’ve been hearing about this project for years. That’s because we have. The news was leaked even before the script was written. But the writers are taking their time, making sure what they put out is actually, you know, good.

6. It will honor George Carlin.

How do you replace a comedy legend? Alex Winter said in an MTV interview that he spoke with Carlin’s daughter about how best to honor her father’s memory. RIP Rufus.

7. Wyld Stallyns will (hopefully) know how to play.

Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure gave us a peek at a future full of peace and great bowling scores. And it’s all because of Wyld Stallyns. Released plot details reveal that the new film will center around the band and their struggle as Bill and Ted try to write the most important record in the world.

8. Another time-traveling phone box.

Doctor Who has always been a cultural phenomenon with it’s signature TARDIS. You don’t have to have two hearts to love both time-traveling devices.

9. It’ll cheer up Keanu Reeves.

10. It has to be better than Bogus Journey…right?


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