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    • alvinw2

      Gluten allergy warning: many items consist of soy with marinading process.
      I may not be 100% accurate, but I hope you appreciate! 1. Fried taro dumpling: includes taro and may contain pork meat inside. Can get at dim sum locations.
      2. Mabo tofu or mapo tofu: spicy tofu dish with with some minced meat.
      3. Shanghai dumpling or layman’s term “soup dumpling”: best consist with thin outter layer that carries pork meat and pork fat (the basic ingredient to make it soupy) inside with very little veges.
      4. Enokitake mushroom: in this picture it’s in a hot pot. Hot pot is a soup based type of eatery where there a stove that continuously keeps the hot pot hot. Basically you cook in the hot pot until ready to eat. In this case, enokitake mushroom!
      5. Scallion pancake: the basic ingrediences are flour and onion.
      6. Tomato with eggs dish: can be ordered in restaurant. This picture is more of a homecook side than at a restaurant. This dish can be done with additional beef. Some people enjoy it with pan-fried noodle. (crispy fried Hong Kong style noodle) with beef tomato and egg as the gravy on top.
      7. Spare ribs: again, may be another homecook photo with soy sauce. All spare ribs consist of a marinade that contains gluten. Spare ribs can be cooked in many forms. Dim sum restaurants tend to have a steam spare rib dish. Another one would be cooked in a claypot called spare rib clay pot (consist of rice in a claypot with spare ribs). Other ways are fried or cooked with a sweet and sour sauce. Like I said, there are many ways to cook spare ribs that’s not like the photo [#7].
      8. Bok choy: looks like big bok choy with garlic slices. Usually gluten-free because it’s a vegetable dish. There are many sizes to bok choy. These look more like mustard greens. Big bok choy has the appearance of mustard greens. Many restaurants actually serves small bok choy.
      9. BBQ pork platter or sampler. Consist of multiple BBQ items that a BBQ chef roast and chops. The author of the photo ops for roast duck (the middle section). But this picture consist of (from left to right) BBQ pork, duck, and chicken.
      10. Eggplant: eggplant, some sauce that cooked with the eggplant. Many restaurants flash fry eggplants for it to retain it’s consistant form (taste and looks better than just stir-frying it in a wok and making it look mushy).
      11. String beans: many restaurants flash fry the string beans to retain it’s consistant form. The cooking methods all vary.
      12. Steam BBQ pork buns: steam delicacy with a sweet BBQ flavor pork inside these “bao” or buns made of flour usually. There’s also BAKED forms.
      13. Steam oyster: usually steamed with hot oil and some sauce drizzled on top.
      14. Spring roll: spring roll skin with variety of ingredience. Depends on the cooking style of the restaurant. FRIED spring roll in this case.
      15. Tea soaked eggs. Can get these at mom’s and pop’s or family style (usually not chained-drink places) milk tea places. Soaked in some delierrousssss tea flavored liquid or water or fluid.
      16. “Zongzi” or steam lotus leaf. Consist of lotus leaf wrapper with interior: sticky rice, beans, usually pork meat. A steam delicacy @ dim sum restaurants.
      17. Hunan beef. Anything with HUNAN in it, you can expect it to be spicy. A beef dish (usually used with tender beef) cooked with szechuan chili and some sauce.
      18. Turnip cake: a dim sum delicacy. Contains turnip or daikon, embodied with some possiblity of pork meat inside with dried shrimp. Cooking method: first steam the mix to cook it. Let it cool. Second, cut it into cubes like the picture. Third, pan fry it to get the brown edges.
      19. Fresh cucumber: marinaded cucumber. Usually a cold dish.

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