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What Biden Bitch Are You?

Find out which member of 309 North University you are. *Bonus Hank included!

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  1. What item are you most likely to lose?

  2. Where are you most likely to be found?

    In bed
    side bar
    waterskiing tournament
    group project
    the gym
  3. Favorite Pregame song

    Broken Arrows by Avicii
    15th and the 1st by Gucci Mane
    Anything from songs that get drunk white girls excited playlist on spotify
    Anything by Migos
    Born in the USA by Bruce Springteen
  4. Who is your dream man?

    Lebron James
    Joe Biden
    Who ever buys me drunk food
  5. Favorite Bar

    Brick Street Bar and Grill Patio
    Side Bar
    Brick Street Bar and Grill Skybox
  6. Favorite Place to Eat in Oxford

    MOON Co-Op
    La Bodega
    Anything that delivers
  7. Drink of choice at pregame

    Four Loko
    Twisted Tea
    Cherry Bombs
    Red Wine
  8. Favorite night of the week to go out?

    Saturday. Duh
    Trivia Monday
    Wine Wednesday
    Any fraternity bowling night
  9. Favorite location outside of Oxford?

    Anywhere in Europe
    any bed with a netflix account
  10. What are your Sunday scaries about?

    Trying to punch a hole in the bar wall
    forcing our neighbors to stop and listen to your rap
    Drunk snapchats or texts
    none. Because doesn't make it out Saturday night
    hookup throwing up in your bed
  11. Favorite Brick Bartender

    Austin Wallace
    Tommy Shine
    Lauren Rutty
    Will Weisman
    Ainsley Wagenseller
  12. Most prized possession

    Brick VIP
    high school class ring
    Apple Watch
    Skis (water or snow)
    My dad's credit card

What Biden Bitch Are You?

You got: Molly

You could say, congrats you got our fav gal pal mol. She was away first semester getting #cultured abroad but now she's back making up for lost time. Molly is the most motivated one in the house whether that be acing exams, working out, or binge drinking to the point where she doesn't make it out all day Saturday. When she leaves the bar early, You can almost always find her passed out on a chair, sometimes even sleeping through a party. Buy this girl a meal sometime she is a dime piece!

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You got: Nicole

What would bidens bitches be without our house mom?? Don't take this the wrong way, this doesn't mean she is any less drunk than us at any given time. Nicole is our go to therapist, private investigator and financial advisor although she did not ask to be any of these things. During the week she lays low because of how much energy it takes to constantly be the life of the party during nights out. Some of her favorite quotes include "treat every green beer day like it's your last," "I might go out tonight just so I can get skyline," and "I rolled into skippers wayyy too hot last night"

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You got: Ana

This girl is without a doubt the most dedicated new bar-goer in the house. If she's not working, she's sitting at the bar most likely sipping on a cherry bomb. Also a lover of Mexican food, she can most commonly be seen coming into the house with a bag from Taco Bell or chipotle (charra on the weekends). Favorite white lies include "I'm only going out for one drink," "I'm not going to eat out as much this week and actually use my groceries," and "I'm actually going to get out of oxford for this break!"

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You got: Hank

Looking to spice up your insta feed? You haven't lived till you've added our fav housemate, @henryjandrews (seriously throw him a follow). You can usually catch him at a waterski tournament, or at any beach or mountain on the weekends. Regardless of where, you can guarantee he's going to be doing something sick!!! We can only hope he remembers all of us little people back in Oxford when he's making millions in San Fran ☀️

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You got: Hannah

If you're ever in need of some Lulu lemon matching tennis outfits, Cavs jerseys or fire recipes, this is your girl. She coined the term "Hudson soccer mom" before it was cool. Just try to find someone that loves Kanye or lebron more than her (or someone that tells you about it more than her). Favorite white lies include "I'm honestly done eating hot dogs," "I didn't make the mess in the kitchen last night," and "I think I'm gonna stay in the night before my exam this time."

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