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You could plan. Think ahead for a change. Try to figure out every hidden detail that will inevitably be an obstacle. You could work, and work, and anticipate, and work some more. You could try to time it just right, or wait till it seems logical. Perhaps adjust your sails a bit, or go with a more realistic choice. You could take jobs that aren’t in your field, or move to places when you think you’ve got it all figured out. You could pick a movie but never settle on a time to see it. Spend years contemplating a college major when you’ve known what you wanted to be since you were six. You could try to find a person to meticulously plan out your life with til death do you part. Have faith that the goals you started out with are the same goals you have now. Keep your nose down to the grind and believe the next time you look up you’ll be staring at the face of everything you’ve ever dreamed of.

You could have that life…If you want.


You could live for the now. For this present moment, you could focus on the immediate and less on planning the future. You could pick a show time and go see that movie. Maybe choose a major that you actually want to be educated in and not just what’s most beneficial to your five-year plan. You could pack up your bags and finally take the job you know you want. Bravely say ‘I do’ to the person you know you love. Face your fears as you carry out the ideas that loom in your head today instead of tomorrow. You could accept the risks, the terms and conditions, as you plunge head first into the great unknown.

You could live that life...If you want.

For truthfully, there’s no sense in trying to have it all figured out--

not when life’s a grand mystery with a curious turnabout.

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