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A unique aromatic blend of lilac, snicker doodles, and a 1980’s chinese apothecary.

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CLEVELAND-- It was announced Wednesday that all major pharmaceutical outlets will no longer carry the ultra-hip perfume, “Scent of a Grandma”, following a lawsuit for its potent smell. Created in 1981, this brand has been supplying women ages 70-91 with affordable perfumes in every general store across the U.S. However, after a number of complaints and an incident involving an allergic reaction with a customer, the FDA has been forced to step in and reevaluate the ingredients list. After a thorough investigation, it has been concluded that while Scent of a Grandma is safe to wear for most elderly people, it is best to keep a distant proximity to those who wear it. In addition to that, a new dosage label will be placed on the back of the bottle: “one spritz every 2-4 years as needed”.

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