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A time for reflection and avoiding people at all cost.

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1. It’s a month of paradise for those who prefer to keep to themselves.

2. Extroverts don’t understand the point of even having this month and spend most of it wondering if their introverted friends have been kidnapped because they’ve gone off the grid.

3. It’s stupid cold outside, and the majority of the public has either a cold or the flu.

4. Introverts are especially motivated to be productive during this period because of their hopeful resolution’s list... Hey, they can be optimistic too!

5. It gets dark outside sooner, which translates to less time at the grocery store where introverts must tolerate social norms.

6. Scarves are not only the trend of the month, but are also the universal sign of an inward-thinking person.

8. January has no real family holidays where introverts must obligatorily participate in time held traditions.

9. Coffee shops are wall-to-wall packed with people that are all plugged into some sort of sacred device.

10. And the Y2K-themed New Year’s Eve party provided just enough booze and social interaction to last till next winter. Or at least until Columbus Day.

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