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7 Plants That Changed Your Life

BBC Radio 4 has a new podcast available worldwide, Plants: From Roots to Riches. Professor Kathy Willis, director of science at the Royal Botanic Gardens at Kew, will be looking at how different plants underpin our lives. Even plants on the other side of the world can have a profound effect on your life. Here’s seven.

alun 5 years ago

5 Low-Effort Plants You Can Grow To Help British Bees

British bees have seen 97% of lowland meadows disappear since the 1950s and now gardens are a vital source of food, but gardeners plant non-native plants. What can you grow for bees that don't like exotic food?

alun 5 years ago

7 Deadly Secrets Of Carnivorous Plants

Forget ghosts or vampires, if you want true terror you should take a look at carnivorous plants.

alun 6 years ago

6 Discoveries You Can Read In Open Access Journals

This week is Open Access Week, a week highlighting scientific research that the public can access. Here are six things you could learn from Open Access papers.

alun 6 years ago