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Beauty Startup Releases Shadow Palette In Support Of ACLU

“Hand-crafted, high-quality cosmetics and tools at a price the rest of us can afford.” What could be better? What if your purchase also supports an important cause?

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Karity, the famous beauty company that cuts costs by selling directly to customers, has created a special palette to support the ACLU (American Civil Liberties Union). Founder Isaac R. saw what was going on in the country and wanted to help. After collaborating with a colleague, the Diversity Palette was born. This palette is made up of highly pigmented single eyeshadows is priced at just $29 and can be found on the company’s website. All the proceeds from this limited edition palette will go to the ACLU.

Karity’s Creative Strategist, Franny K., weighed in on the new palette. She stated, “I think it’s wonderful that we are supporting such a relevant, important cause. With everything going on in the world, and as I am an immigrant, myself, the ALCU is very near and dear to me. I think the crazy variety in colors perfectly represents the diversity that Karity is standing for.”

After speaking with Isaac about the new release, he went on to discuss the future of Karity, saying, “Of course we love that we can bring our fans high-quality products at a great price, but at this point we really want to make a difference. Not just for our customers, but also for our industry and now for a good cause.” Isaac also hinted at a new cause permanently becoming part of Karity’s over all mission and social responsibility.

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