How To Stop Sobbing While Chopping Onions

Easy tricks that should make you cry less when you cook.

1. So, you start chopping onions.

2. And it seems to be going really well.

3. Then, your eyes start to well.


5. This is because syn-propanethial-S-oxide is released into the air.

We’re talkin’ lachrymatory-factor synthase enzymes…aka the I-WANT-TO-MAKE-YOU-CRY enzymes.

So, you may be asking, HOW can we stop this?

Well, there’s no particular science to it, but here are some of the myths, legends and recommendations for how to chop onions without a tear in your eye.

7. Chew gum.

8. Turn on a fan.

9. Breathe through your mouth.

10. Chop onions under running water.

11. Light a candle.

12. Wear goggles.

Contact lenses are also a great onion-tear-deterent.

13. Chill the onion in the fridge or freezer.

14. Sharpen your knives.

Fewer enzymes will escape when you exert less force on the onion.

15. Whistle.

16. And, above all else, keep your feelings out of it.

17. Because there are so many delicious things you’ll miss out on if you refuse to chop onions!

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Like Laurent Gras’ Nicoise Ratatouille.

18. Share your own onion advice below!

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