5 Ways To Get Clever With Wonton Wrappers

Your breakfast (yes, breakfast), lunch and dinner will never be the same.

1. Crisp Wontons with Strawberries and Yogurt

Everyday Food, May 2010 / Via marthastewart.com

2. How to Make Ravioli with Wonton Wrappers

A step-by-step how-to by award-winning chef Laurent Gras.

3. Burrata Ravioli with Orange and Sage

Laurent Gras: My Provence / Via altaeditions.com

4. Mini Moo Shu Pork Pizzas

Bev Cooks / Via bevcooks.com

5. Cannelloni with Spring Greens

Laurent Gras: My Provence / Via altaeditions.com

6. Brown Butter Rum Cannoli

Bon appétit, Buzzfeed!

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