35 Gifts For The Cook Who Has Everything

Some people are WAYYYYY harder to shop for than they should be.

1. Shopping for some people can leave you feeling defeated.

2. Especially people who love to cook.

3. For some reason, you know exactly what these people want to do all day, but you can’t ever think of a good gift.

(As a note, knife sharpening gifs as a whole are a pretty creepy genre.)

4. That’s where we step in with some creative (and, of course, practical) gifts for the cook who seems to have everything.

Whether you’re helping a loved one specialize in a particular cuisine or enhancing their already absurdly thorough collection of kitchen supplies, these are sure to be crowd-pleasers.

5. From $1 to $800, these gifts are sure to bring a smile.

6. Cake Tester, $1.

One of the most practical (and easy to misplace) tools out there - test anything from cake to steak for doneness.

7. Jigger, $3.

A useful tool for any chef interested in mixology.

8. Oyster/Clam Knife, $3.

A great find to fill out a knife collection.

9. Bamboo Sushi Mat, $4.

A great place to begin while experimenting and delving into the world of Japanese food.

10. Porcelain Escargot Dish, $6.

Explore French technique and flavors with this particular cooking and serving vessel.

11. Cake Leveler, $7.

Love to bake? Refine your style and decorating skills with this tool.

12. Hickory Wood Chips, $7.

Infuse deep, woodsy flavors with these smoking chips.

13. Ring Molds, $8.

Take the beauty of your food to the next level by incorporating this professional plating and cooking tool.

14. Cheese Storage Bags, $9.

Store your cheese easily (and in a much less odorous way).

15. 1 ounce of Saffron, $10.

Enhance food with this luxurious and potent spice.

16. Springform Pan, $11.

Have a thing for pastry? From cheesecake to sachertorte, this is a must.

17. Mortar & Pestle, $11.

Grind spice rubs and more by hand for the freshest, most flavorful food.

18. Knife Covers, $12.

Protect blades (and fingers) while storing.

19. Cedar & Alder Planks, $17.

Flavor your food with a natural, raw quality by roasting and grilling with wooden planks.

20. Cast-Iron Tortilla Press, $20.

Take your tacos the extra mile and make your own tortillas.

21. Pizza Peel, $25.

Get great color and texture on your pizza by utilizing a pizza peel to place your pie directly into the oven.

22. Madagascar Vanilla Beans, $30.

The bean beats the extract any day of the week.

23. Sharpening Stone, $35.

Hone and refine your blades at home.

24. Decanter, $37.

Let your wines open and breathe the way they’re supposed to - it will only pair better with your food.

25. Chemex Brewer, $40.

Make your best coffee ever. Don’t forget to buy filters.

26. Salt Plates, $43.

Infuse salt into your food while it marinates or cooks.

27. Knife Roll, $46.

You might have spent a small fortune on your blades so get them places safely.

28. Ricer, $50.

If you don’t have one yet, it will make your mashing, pureeing and processing life so much simpler.

29. Infrared Laser Thermometer, $50.

Instantly read the temperature of anything from candy to a sensitive sauce to the internal temperature of your roast chicken.

30. Paella Pan, $50.

Of a Spanish inclination? Specialize in your cuisine with this enormously practical pan.

31. Cast-Iron Wok, $67.

An enormously versatile pan for anything from the obvious (stirfry) to the not-so-obvious (chili).

32. Clay Pot, $70.

Like a wok, this is an enormously versatile item. Add a rustic, earthy note to baked dishes.

33. iSi Dispenser, $99.

Add an upscale element to your dishes with foams and creams. Don’t forget the canisters!

34. Cast-Iron Skillet, $140.

A classic piece that only gets better with age.

35. Pasta Attachments, $152.

Any KitchenAid Mixer attachment can help specialize this kitchen staple.

36. Breville Oven, $250.

Have a convection oven and broiler right on your countertop.

37. Tablet, $429.

An enormously helpful and accesible tool to use in the kitchen.

38. Did we mention that our cookbooks are optimized for mobile and tablet?

Get free preview recipes from our online bi-monthly cookbook series and Laurent Gras: My Provence!

39. And the dream gift…outside of going to Le Cordon Bleu in Paris perhaps.

40. Sous Vide Machine, $800.

The ultimate gift to experiment and try new things in food that are happening in professional kitchens around the world.

41. Any other gift ideas for the cook who has everything? We’d love to hear them. And we also hope this helps.

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