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"Boy Booty" Is The Ultimate Anthem For Everyone Who Likes Man Butts

♫ Put your hands up if you like boy booty ♫

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Rapper Malka Red just dropped her new music video "Boy Booty," and let me tell you, it is a BOP. 🍑

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But it's not just a bop. It's a celebration of the man butt — and everyone who likes man butt.

Malka Red

Yes, the man butt.

You better hold on to ALL your butts 'cause this song is gonna have you shaking 'em off.

Malka Red

Unleash your inner Tina Belcher!

Sometimes you just gotta love a good man booty, ya know?

Malka Red

👅 👅 👅

So, BYO bats to this ball game...

Malka Red

No matter what team you play for, we can all enjoy the view.

...and get in on the cake, y'all.

Malka Red

It's yummy.

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