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    • AlphaPoe

      As the granddaughter of 4 LEGAL immigrants, I resent all immigrants put in the same category as the illegals who are criminals. My 4 grandparents came here legally, proudly learned English because that’s our national language and no one was willing to speak and write in their language. They all never took one penny from the government and raised their large families on their own and did whatever it took, legally, to upport them on their own. They also took care of their homes and communities and didn’t trash their neighborhoods. They were an asset to the country and were proud to display the American flag. BIG DIFFERENCE from the illegals we’re dealing with today. The 11 M illegals here now are more of a burden and drain on the country than a positive influence. You sneaked across the border to come here, expecting people to learn your language and write in your language rather than vice versa, have your hands out getting all the handouts you can from government in our weak economy, not respecting our culture, language, and laws when you’re criminals, costing the country rather than being an asset, and you all wonder why most Americans don’t welcome ILLEGAL immigrants with warmth. Illegals are a BIG DIFFERENCE from immigrants like my grandparents were. Go back where you came from and get in line behind those waiting to come legally, priority one, and maybe you’ll get some respect next time around.

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