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5 Video Game Pests: Some Are Talk, Some Are Trouble

Of all the video games played in one person's lifetime, one begins to think... What would these characters be like in real life?

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Donkey Kong

A single touch from the deadly wasp in Donkey Kong Country will send Donkey or Diddy Kong flying off screen in demise. But, are wasps really that dangerous? Not really, but they can be! A wasp sting does contain venom, but usually not in the quantity that can kill. However, if one was stung several hundred times, that individual might want to seek medical attention. It is never recommended that you remove a wasp nest yourself unless you have expertise or pest control equipment. Contact pest control to remove wasp nests safely.

Verdict: Trouble

Mega Man 3

Arguably one of the greatest soundtracks to be mixed to any mega man game, and arguably one of the best tracks from that game. Snakeman is one of the few bad guys that can be defeated with out additional powers. In real life, additional power is needed to get rid of these nasty pests. Many snakes are nonvenomous and pose no risk to humans. However, some are poisons and should be handled with extreme caution. If you are concerned that snakes may be taking a liking to your home, contact Alpha Ecological today!

Verdict: Talk

Ninja Turtles

As leader of the ninja turtles, Splinter has a kind heart and is known by his name for breaking wooden boards. The Rat, unlike splinter, is not kind and breaks through wooden boards in people’s homes. Rats themselves are not very dangerous, however the diseases and the Fleas they carry are deadly. Rats can quickly contaminate food sources, air-ducts and require immediate professional help. If you are concerned that several splinters have Karate-chopped their way into your home, contact pest control services immediately.

Verdict: Trouble

The last thing that you need to worry about is a “super suit” falling from the sky onto your yard, effectively turning worms into superheroes. Most earthworms serve as a benefit to our natural environment by providing fertilizer to plants. However, there is a worm that poses a threat to earthworms. The garden flatworm’s meal is the garden earthworm. They can stretch up to 20 inches long. Extermination of these flatworms from your garden will enhance your soil and help your plants grow.

Verdict: Talk

The 1991 popular video game Lemmings made the arctic rodent a star. Between 1991 and 2006 over 15 million copies of lemmings were sold worldwide. In real life lemmings do not have green hair and are comparable to a muskrat. From the game these lemmings looked for any way to commit mass suicide. The rodent mimics this behavior somewhat. They are easily frightened and their hearts can beat so fast that they can give out easily. Since lemmings are usually native to the arctic, chances are you might not ever have an infestation. However, if you do have a lemming problem normal rodent control is advised.

Verdict: Talk

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