This Portland Missed Connection Has The Whole Internet Pitching In To Help

    Can you help find this good, good Oregon boy?

    You may or may not have heard of the McElroys, the hosts of a new show on Seeso called, My Brother, My Brother and Me.

    The show is based on a pretty popular (and funny) podcast.

    Anyways, they had a live show in Portland last weekend, which also happened to be the site of an as of yet unsolved missed connection.

    Here it is:

    Since then, people have been posting day and night in search of this mysterious man. There's even a hashtag for it: #goodboywatch.

    One sleuth even provided a photo of what he might look like, based on the description.

    The oldest brother, Justin McElroy, got involved on the third day.

    If you’re a guy who wore plaid to the MBMBaM Portland show and asked a lady out, she’s ready for that drink now.

    Even Lin Manuel Miranda offered his assistance!

    Do YOU know of any hot leads? Help this meet-up happen, and help Jenna fill her drink!

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