A Colombian Remake Of “Breaking Bad” Is Happening

And now Walter Blanco is the “Juan” who knocks.

1. So there are a lot of people mourning the end of Breaking Bad.

2. But do not worry, my friends. METÁSTASIS is coming.

Metastasis is the upcoming Colombian remake of the Breaking Bad TV series targeted at Latin American audiences.

When I first read it, I thought it was a joke. But it’s not April, nor “El día de los Inocentes,” so it’s for real.

4. Meet Walter Blanco:

5. He is the one who cooks in a school bus, apparently.

6. And here’s Jesse aka Jose Miguel Rosas

Jose Miguel? Really? I mean, Rosas I get it, but… agh.

7. The list of all the reasons as to why “Cielo Blanco” is just wrong is endless.

8. The first trailer has already been released. And it’s… weird.

As a member of the “hispanic audiences,” I’m not entirely convinced about this. I mean, I’ve already watched the show. Some of us can speak English. Or read subtitles. Or watch it dubbed.

10. But then again, I will not judge until they cast Huell, because he’s the most important part of the show

11. What do you think?

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