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    • almostdaft

      There is another side to the coin and she’s just using the other for publicity. Have we ever thought about how society views women as more valuable than men? Men often regard themselves disposable and justify themselves with putting their sacrifice at risk to save the female.  BioWare has proven this greatly with the Mass Effect series, that when the player is force to choose between a female companion living between another male, even the females, choose the female companion more than %95 of the time through the first playthrough. She’s not reasonable at all, and it is completely unprofessional of Joseph Bernstein to claim so.

    • almostdaft

      I’m sorry, but this woman is not all that reasonable. She’s just assuming everything.  For years, society has taught us that women are more valuable than males, and it’s more than likely a human-nature-thing. It’s often justified in many stories that the man is worth sacrificing himself over the woman as her worth is far more valuable than the man’s—and maybe this has something to do with a reproduction instinct deep down inside us. It’s a business model that sells. She’s just taking it the wrong way and assuming the damsel-in-distress theory is in the works and that alone justifies superiority over the female gender. It’s the other side of the “damsel in distress” trope, the side many people criticizing it never flip over the coin to see. Of course, there are exceptions.

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