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16 Ways "Almost Christmas" Will Remind You Of Your Family

You know #ItsAlmostChristmasWhen your family starts driving you CRAAAAZY.

It's almost Christmas again, which means you're gonna have to hang out with your crazy family soon.

It will take all your strength to hold it together when they show up at the house, because you'll be secretly dying inside.

You'll get to see your auntie, who's either hilarious or absolutely terrifying, depending on her mood.

Then there's your cousin, who always finds a way to remind you that he's better than you at everything.

And let's not forget about that one family member who is constantly taking selfies.

The holidays are also a great time to learn new and interesting things about your family members.

You'll probably go to church, where you'll either feel a little bit uncomfortable or too comfortable.

There's a 100% chance someone will almost burn down the house...

...and then someone will overreact to them almost burning down the house...

...and then someone else will overreact to that person overreacting to the other person almost burning down the house.

Then, against all odds, your uncle will discover an entirely new way to almost burn down the house!

And best of all, you'll get to share a delicious holiday dinner with your whole family...

...which will still end up being awkward, of course.

So just sit back, relax, and enjoy the holidays with your crazy family!

On second thought, don't worry about enjoying it. Maybe just focus on surviving it.

And if you're feeling like you can't make it through this holiday season, just take a helpful tip from your favorite auntie: DRINK!

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