Effed Up Vintage Ads For Women

Some offensive, some bizarre, some an inspired mixture of both.

No fatties, even little girl fatties.

Haha, you’re doing damage to your heart, you’re adorable!

What what is is this this

Your breath destroyed our marriage.

I just don’t understand these new-fangled driving contraptions!

“Yes, this one will go nicely in the living room.”

I think there may be some subliminal message here.

To be fair, at least they get to the point.

Apparently it was necessary to make an ad explaining/apologizing why the flight attendants working at this airline would be wearing pants from now on.

Advocating the use of laxatives as a weight loss product.

This one’s just confusing.

You know how women go batshit crazy over laundry detergent.

Women, you’re ugly when you have a headache.

“Ugh, you want the WOMAN to wear GLASSES and hold BOOKS? You’re really doing a number on me, Phil. Okay, fine, but all she can wear is tights.”

Another ad from Chi-Ches-Ters.

Because when you have the right tampon, being a clown is easy.

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