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This Shopping Experience Is For People Who Don't Like People

Women's fashion brand Reformation has a futuristic new store in San Francisco that uses touchscreens instead of salespeople. BuzzFeed News took a look around.

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The women's fashion brand Reformation has a futuristic new store located in San Francisco's Mission district.

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Then, you can go use one of the three touchscreen monitors mounted throughout the store, and select the clothing you want to try on.

Allyson Laquian / BuzzFeed News

Behind the scenes, workers will gather the items from inventory and put your stuff into a “magic wardrobe” (which is pretty much a smart dressing room). It’ll take a few minutes for the items to appear in the fitting room.

There’s a two-way door system with a super-strong magnet in each fitting room that allows employees to fill up the wardrobe from the other side — without being able to walk in on you changing.

Allyson Laquian / BuzzFeed News

If the door to your side, the fitting room side, is open, the employees won’t be able to open the opposite door on the inventory side.


Inside the fitting room, there is a selection of different lighting scenarios ("basic," “cool,” “golden,” and “sexy-time”). You can also connect your phone to in-room speakers to play your own music.

If a size doesn’t fit you, you can pick another size on the touchscreen monitor in your fitting room.

Allyson Laquian / BuzzFeed News

So you don't have to call a salesperson (or leave your fitting room half-dressed) to get a different size.

Allyson Laquian is a video producer for BuzzFeed News and is based in San Francisco.

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