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We Tried To Rob A Delivery Robot

Robots are the future of food delivery, and the temptation to steal from them is real.

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Cameras at the front and rear of the bot. They're used to help steer the bot remotely.

Allyson Laquian / BuzzFeed News

Doordash hopes to make its delivery bots completely autonomous in the future. In the meantime, human pilots operate them wirelessly from a remote office.


Henry Harris-Burland of Starship Technologies said future versions of the bot will have alarms to prevent theft. He also noted that every robot records its live location via GPS.


DoorDash co-founder Stanley Tang explained that delivery bots are complementary to human Dashers.

Allyson Laquian / BuzzFeed News

"They can cover the short distance small orders that human Dashers don’t want to take on,” said Tang.

Because of local regulations, you probably aren’t going to see delivery bots taking over the streets just yet.

Allyson Laquian / BuzzFeed News

The companies managing the robots will need to obtain permits and licensing from every county they operate in.

Allyson Laquian is a video producer for BuzzFeed News and is based in San Francisco.

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