This "Space Jam" Christmas Playlist Will Make Your Holidays A Slam Dunk

Everybody get up, it’s time for Slam-mas.

1. All I Want For Christmas Is A Space Jam

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This is a beautiful Christmas masterpiece and anyone who says otherwise is lying.

2. Last Slam-mas

Ah.. Slam-mas memories…

3. Jingle Slam

Basshunter + Space Jam = The most ballin’ techno Christmas track you’ll ever hear.

4. White Winter Slamnal

Sit back, relax, and jam to this winter-themed slam.

5. Feslam Navijam

“I wanna wish you a Merry Slam-mas, from the bottom of my heart.”

6. Merry Slam-mas Everyone

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“Slams are falling, all around us. People dunking, having fun.”

7. O Slam All Ye Faithful

“Come and behold slams. Jam with choirs of angels.”

8. Washington Wizards in Winter

Trans-Siberian Orchestra can never do a live version of this remix because the epic-ness would be too intense for this world to handle.

9. Slam Jam Mountain

While this music from the N64 game “Super Mario 64” isn’t on most people’s holiday playlists, it’s a great wintery classic for gamers.

10. Silent Court

This remix takes Michael Bublé’s beautiful version of Silent Night into overtime.

11. What You Gonna Slam For Christmas?

What’s better than one song by Quad City DJs? Two songs by Quad City DJs! If this doesn’t get you hyped for Christmas, nothing will.

12. The Christmas Slam

See if reindeer really know how to jam. (Hint: they definitely do.)

For more ballin’ slam jams, check out r/comeonandslam on Reddit.

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