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    • allys5

      I have my Master’s in Criminal Justice withafocus in community corrections andIbelieve thatacombination of incarceration and restorative (or transformative) justice can be beneficial. In restorative justice practices, the offender must WANT to apologize to the victim and make amends. Then there isaseries of meetings withapsychologist to ensure that they are sincere and not faking these sentiments in order to getareduced sentence. Transformative justice programs have been in place in European countries forawhile now and have seen much success. This isn’t seen asa”way to cure sexual offenders,” but to help them feel empathy and understand what they did was wrong. Transformative justice also seeks to sendamessage to the entire community that these crimes are wrong and will not be tolerated.  Also, castration of sexual offenders was deemed unconstitutional.

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