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    23 Canadian Small Shops For Everyone On Your Gift List

    Whether you're shopping for the person who has everything already, your grandma, your brother, or anyone else on your gift list - there's a small Canadian shop to buy from.

    The Vintage Acorn

    The Vintage Acorn / Via

    The Vintage Acorn makes jewellery inspired by geometric shapes and vintage florals and is located in Kitchener, ON. They're jewellery is uniquely beautiful and perfect for any woman on your holiday gift list. Shop their Etsy store here. Get the Gemstone Diamond Necklace for $30 here.

    The Urban Hedgehog

    Urban Hedgehog / Via

    The Urban Hedgehog makes handmade modern and minimalist items for stylish kids and is located in Guelph, ON. Whether you're looking for an organic baby blanket, a nature-inspired mobile, or a fabric dress up crown, The Urban Hedgehog has your kid gifts covered. Shop their Etsy shop here. Get the Superhero Canvas Fabric Banner here for $33.

    Koko Cards

    Koko Cards / Via

    Koko Cards is located in Toronto, ON, and creates custom illustrations and greetings cards. The cards are funny, cute, and feature memes and other pop-culture references. We're a big fan of the Drake one featured here. Shop the Etsy store here and get the Drake holiday card here for $6.

    Hudson and Oak

    Hudson and Oak / Via

    Hudson and Oak makes modern, lightweight indoor and outdoor planters and pots, based out of Vancouver, BC. If you have a plant-lover on your gift list this holiday season, Hudson and Oak has a gift for them. This beautiful Blush Gold Planter can be found here for $130 or you can shop their entire Etsy store here.

    Wild North Creations

    Wild North Creations / Via

    Looking for something for someone who loves going on adventures? Wild North Creations is the answer. They design Candian inspired paintings, apparel, decor, among other things and they're located in Vernon, BC. Shop the Etsy store here and get the Morning Coffee Mountain Air unisex crew for $26 here.

    Elena Markelova Art

    Elena Markelova Art / Via

    Elena Markelova Art creates hand-lettered and hand-painted paper goods. This beautifully illustrated City of Vancouver map is one of our favourites. Her shop is located in Vancouver, BC, and you can shop her Etsy store here. Get the City of Vancouver illustrated map here for $36.60.

    Dogwood Creek Designs

    Peachy Clean Soaps

    Peachy Clean Soaps / Via

    Peachy Clean Soaps hails from London, ON., and offers a variety of all natural bath products. A perfect gift for anyone who deserves a little extra pampering this holiday! Check out this Turtley Awesome Bath Bomb or shop the entire Etsy store here.

    Ramble On Supply Co.

    Ramble On Supply Co. / Via

    Located in Flesherton, ON, Ramble On Supply Co. makes rustic prints for folks inspired by the outdoors. We love everything from their Etsy store, but especially this Canada Map Print, for $21.68.

    Modern Plant Life

    Modern Plant Life / Via

    Modern Plant Life creates plant inspired accessories and decor for plant lovers. Their planters and accessories are perfect for the plant-mom you're shopping for. Get the Pink Hexagon Concrete Planter for $27 here. Shop the Etsy store here which is based out of Toronto, ON.


    Luxezen / Via

    Luxezen creates handcrafted fine gemstone jewelry for the modern spirit, located in Kitchener, ON. Gorgeously crafted, Luxezen's jewerly is sure to impress anyone you gift it to. Shop their Etsy store here and get the raw blue sapphire stud earrings here for $80.


    SportsImages / Via

    SportsImages is based out of Blanc-Sablon, QC., and creates stunning watercolour images and posters of the world's top athletes. A hard to miss visual to add to any sports lover's room and work space. Check out this incredible Kyle Lowry piece for $29.99 or shop the rest of the Etsy store here.

    Beard & Brawn Co.

    Beard & Brawn Co. / Via

    Beard & Brawn Co. understand that beards mean business. With a variety of products for each stage of beard care, forget that one step wash - get ready for a beard worthy of the extra attention. Click here to check out the Natural Beard Balm for $25 or here to shop the rest of the Etsy store, which is based out of Winnipeg, MB.

    Brown Paper Fox

    Brown Paper Fox / Via

    Brown Paper Fox creates hand-lettered and illustrated prints, cards, mugs, and pins designed by Kelsey Inkol. Their holiday cards and mugs are the perfect way to get into the holiday spirit. How can anyone say no to curling up on the couch with a cute holiday mug, gingerbread cookies, and their favourite Christmas movie on? Their Etsy store is located in Guelph, ON, and you can shop it here. Get the Christmas Movie Marathon Mug for $12 here.

    Schmear Naturals

    Schmear Naturals / Via

    Schmear Naturals has created your new skincare essentials! Face oils and masks that are 100% food-based and designed to treat and pamper your skin. All their products are handmade in Vancouver, BC. Check out this Turmeric Coconut Calming Face Mask that's packed with superfoods for $24! Click here to shop the rest of the Etsy store.

    Wild Paw YYC

    Wild Paw YYC / Via

    Wild Paw YYC creates high-quality pet fashions that are adorably unique! Located in Calgary, AB., this shop offers a variety of designs as well as custom requests. Get the Mint X French Terry Dog or Cat Shirt here for $35 and shop the entire Etsy store here.

    Crafting the Harvest

    Crafting the Harvest / Via

    Crafting the Harvest creates handmade cotton rope baskets and home accessories in Calgary, AB. These pieces will add rustic elegance to any household, versatile enough to suit any style. Take a look at this Large Rope Coil Basket, perfect for organizing, for $60! Shop the entire Etsy store here.

    Ponchies for Kids

    Ponchies for Kids / Via

    Take the adorableness to the next level with these ponchos for kids! Ponchies for Kids is based in Toronto, ON, and creates ponchos for babies and kids. Shop the Mountains Fleece Car Seat Poncho here for $75 and shop their whole Etsy store here.

    To Bathe

    To Bathe / Via

    To Bathe creates handcrafted soap and other bath luxuries in Kitchener, ON. Perfect for the bath-lover in your life! Get the Oat Milk Hand & Body Cream here for $7 and shop the entire Etsy store here.


    Boosh / Via

    Boosh Makeup comes from Ayr, ON., and specializes in creating the ultimate lipstick. When you need an extra pop of colour to finish off an outfit, look no further! Offering a variety of colours in the long-wearing, hydrating recipe - entirely organic and cruelty-free. Dress it up or down, check out the shade "Bobbie" for $26 or click here to shop the rest of the Etsy store.

    Pine and Paddle Shop

    Pine and Paddle Shop / Via

    Perfect for the foodie of the family, Pine and Paddle Shop crafts handmade cotton and linen goods in Winnipeg, MB. Simple, elegant and functional additions to any kitchen! Check out the beautiful Linen Bib Apron for $45 or shop the entire Etsy store here.

    Canvas Candle Co.

    Canvas Candle / Via

    From the heavenly views of British Columbia, Canvas Candle is bringing heavenly smells to your home. Handmade soy wax candles with unique scents from non-toxic fragrance oils. Take a look at the Sister Sister Scented Candle for $14 or check out the rest of the Etsy store here, and they're based out of Port Moody, BC!

    The Maple Market Crafts

    Maple Market Crafts / Via

    A tasteful addition to Christmas decor for the sports fan in your life. The Maple Market Crafts combines your favourite sports teams with rustic charm, putting the puck in the net for your decorating this year. Check out the Toronto Maple Leafs Ornament for $13 or shop the entire Etsy store here which is based in Halifax, NS.

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