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19 Things We Hate About Wedding Season

And will probably never change.

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2. If you're single, NOT being given "And Guest"

starglowstudios / Via

At least give single friends the chance to find a sure thing hook up buddy before the wedding. Don't force them to search drunkenly for that end of the night score that will almost certainly be worse than the hangover.

4. Gift registries

apracticalwedding / Via

Helpful in theory, except that most of your friends will wait till the week before to get something off of it, and all that will be left is the $8 spatula, or the $349 dutch oven.

5. Being asked to be in the wedding party

greenweddingshoes / Via

You feel like you can't say no, and the result is a never-ending list of crap. The next several months will be filled with ridiculously expensive, time-consuming nonsense. Bridal bingo is not worth 3 phone calls, ya'll.

6. NOT being invited to the wedding of someone you thought was your good friend.

filmmakeriq / Via

And then being forced to go through their happy wedding pictures on Facebook with all your friends who WERE invited.

10. Bridesmaid dresses.

Bitchlessbride / Via

Whether you have to wear one or just look at one, they suck. They're never flattering, and no, the 100-way twisty strap dress doesn't make you look distinctive, just like you're not wearing a bra.

14. The dreaded drunk dad speech. / Via

Like watching a car crash that goes on forever in slow motion, these are truly painful. Especially when it's the father of the bride talking about how hot his daughter is. True Story.

16. Drunk bride

Daily Haha / Via

This happens far too often, and like dogs humping, you can't not look at it in awe and disgust. True, it is her day, but you'd hope she wouldn't want to french kiss the trumpet player and fall asleep on the buffet table when so many pictures are being taken.

17. Bride and groom cutting the cake / Via

While it can be cute on occasion, usually turns awkward real fast. More often then not, no one was taught how to cut a tiered cake, and the result is along the lines of stabbing it in different places until they find a loose chunk. Or the cake dies, whichever comes first.

19. Bad music.

weddingstar / Via

Bad music at a wedding is just the last nail in the coffin. Whether it's a DJ or a full band, if all we're hearing is Top 40 with Beatles snuck in every other song, then we have a problem. I hate to make judgements, but boring music makes a statement. And it's a bad one.

20. In your face wedding photographers

money crashers / Via

Okay, so I totally get the point of having them, but why are they taking pictures of me as I'm walking out of the bathroom?? Not funny or relevant, dude. Indian food is hard to digest.

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