28 Signs You Commute On NJTransit

14.8% of NJ residents commute to NYC everyday, 100% of them feel the same pain.

1. You’ve already been sitting on your train for 20 minutes when you find out they decided to skip your stop.

2. You’re strategic about where you stand in the waiting area at Penn Station in hopes that when they announce the track number, you’re first in line.

… but you’re usually not.

3. When the lights go out and all the sounds stop in the middle of your trip, you always think ‘this is the end’.

4. You’ve thoroughly debated changing your Facebook current city to your train station.

5. You never understand how you end up in the quiet car…

And there’s ALWAYS that one person who actually takes it seriously.

.. She’s probably sitting next you.

6. When the conductor says, “Last two cars please walk forward”, you’re like..

7. The amount of time you spent looking for parking at the train station is greater than your entire commute.

Gotta make do.

8. You’ve had to stop in the morning to get exactly a 5 dollar bill and 2 singles in order to pay for parking.

9. As opposed to the rest of the country, this sign has been a dooms day count down for you.

10. You open up your phone browser and this screen is always your last page visited.

11. You’ve had to Google what cross-honoring means… and end up disappointed that this is supposed to help.

Where is the bus stop anyway???

12. Your NYC friends think you are anti-social since you never want to go out. But you know the last train leaving is just about the time you would arrive at the bar..

13. When someone says, “See something” you automatically reply with “Say something”.

14. You’ll walk down ten cars before taking the middle seat in a three seater because you know how much you hate when other people do that.

… this goes for two seaters as well.

15. The answer for all delays is “Signal Problems” but you are sensing something else going on…

16. You’ve sat outside Penn Station and watched at least 5 other trains speed by.

17. You’ve been randomly told the train broke down and to get off. But NO one questions it.

18. Whenever your train stops out of the blue, your only explanation is from a mumbled Jersey accent on the loudspeaker which clearly no one can understand.

19. You get weirdly excited when they send a double decker…

Via nj.com

You also know you are either a down or up person.

20. The sound of the conductor clicking as he comes down the aisle gives you nightmares.

Via nj.com

21. You’ve been randomly told that you are going to be on an enhanced weekend schedule (or MLK) which means NOTHING to you.

Just tell me what time the train is coming!

22. There’s one snowflake in the sky and you can expect all trains will be sent to Hoboken.

and the Hoboken commuters are like…

23. You hate Amtrak and wonder why they can’t just get their own track..

24. But you hate LIRR more because they can get food while they wait…

and because they are from Long Island of course.

25. When your coworker, who commutes from Grand Central complains, you’re like…

26. You’ve formed a camaraderie with the people at your train station because you can ‘all relate’.

27. When you get a morning meeting request at work, you always click tentative because there’s a 63% chance you won’t make it.

28. Any day the Rangers play, any day you have plans after work, and every Friday.. you can expect this.

But at the end of the day, you’re from Jersey. Like everything else, you can make fun of NJTransit but if anyone else tries, you’ll make sure they regret it.

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