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4 Things About Ready Player One I Cannot Wait For

the movie release is just around the corner and I'm counting down the things I am hella excited about

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4. It's directed by Steven Spielberg

At SDCC Spielberg said he wants ppl to shout "I know that!" in the theatre every time they spot a reference while watching Ready Player One.

The man that brought us glorious films like E.T and Jurassic Park, is back to bring us this toTALLY EPIC movie-adaptation of the 2011 novel 'Ready Player One'. One reason I'm completely excited is because in the trailer, there's many things that they stay true to - however, there are also many things which do not occur in the book that are in the trailer. This makes me feel both excited, yet wary (so it balances out to feel nothing, in a sense) about what Spielberg is going to bring us on the big screen.


http://<a href="" target="_blank"></a> & http://<a href="" target="_blank"></a> / Via

So, people who have read the book know about the high-key customisation of the DeLorean. As if the car isn't cool enough already, it's been fitted with a red Knight Rider scanner just above the grill, an oscillation overthruster so the car can go through solid matter and maybe the coolest of them all, two Ghostbusters logos on each door. If this isn't cool, then I don't know what is.

2. The fanbase. / Via

As described by this tweet, the Ready Player One fandom is very small. Although the book is pretty successful, not many people have heard about or read it. As an 80's pop culture nerd, I feel as though it is a book younger people should read so they can acknowledge the significance of 80's movies. Also, with the release of the movie, hopefully many people will join the fandom (and then read the book to learn about any omitted scenes!) and we can all be one big happy family.

1. Finally, Tye Sheridan. / Via

Okay, so I may be a little biased here since Sheridan is my favourite actor, but he's going to be such a gOOD Wade. I know there's a lot of salt amongst fans that in the beginning (before going into the Oasis) he isn't overweight and acne-ridden like he is in the book. I agree that this is a problem, and they could have at least used CGI or other visual editing to make him look a little less perfect. I'm not too fussed about this however since most of the film takes place inside the Oasis (I just hope he doesn't shave off his eyebrows).

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