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12 People Tell Us Weird Things They Thought About Money As Kids

It’s time to clear things up for your inner child. Ally has the right tools and knowledge to make sure you get it right as an adult!


"A Mexican restaurant I LOVED was robbed. I saw it on the news and asked my dad what the thieves stole — tacos or money? He sarcastically said, 'What do you think?' Well, I thought it had to be tacos because I hadn't seen a cash register, so I assumed there was no money in the restaurant."

—Dana V.



"When I was a kid and learned the concept of exchanging currency for goods, I was thrilled. So thrilled that I would carry all my money with me (probably something like $6), and for a couple months, whenever I was in a store, I'd choose something, slam it on the counter along with all of my coins, and yell, 'CAN I AFFORD THIS.' My mom finally caught me doing it and put an end to that."

—Kristin R.


"I did not understand checks. I though they were magic paper. When my mom would say, 'No, we don't have that kind of money' in response to my annoying requests (Hot tub? Plz? Expensive vacation? Nah?), I would say, 'JUST WRITE A CHECK!!'

"Also, I saw a camper for sale in my neighborhood for $1,700. I wanted it so badly. I started doing lemonade stands to save up for it. I raised $16 and went to the movies instead."

—Heather M.


"I convinced my little sister that pennies were dollars. Then I bought all her Christmas presents off of her for $100 (but really it was $1 because I gave her 100 pennies)."

—Johanna S.



"I thought George Washington on the $1 bill was God."

—Amy E.


"I thought if someone dropped some money on the floor and you picked it up before they did, it was yours.

"I still get a giddy little thrill when someone drops some coins or something because Young Kirk is like 'GRAB IT! GRAB IT! GRAB IT!'"

—Kirk D.


"I used to think there was a LOT of counterfeit money around for some reason. It just seemed like a big problem. Once, my mom was paying for something at a store, and I screamed, 'NO! You can't pay with that fake money.' My mom was horrified and had to assure the cashier it was real money. I can't imagine what the cashier was thinking."

—Dana V.



"I always thought piggy banks were awesome, and I wanted one real bad. I wanted to smash it open with a hammer and see the money go everywhere like in cartoons. One day, my dad finally got me one. I put a few coins in there every day for about a week before smashing it open. It was very upsetting that there wasn't a ton of money inside."

—Ramin E.


"My brother made like $2,000 at his bar mitzvah, and I cried when I found out because I thought that meant he was going to move out on his own, and I was going to miss him."

—Rosie B.


"When I was a kid, I remember thinking anything that was more expensive than $5 cost a million trillion dollars. It would annoy my parents so much 'cause I would just go around stores and say, 'This is cute, but it's probably a billion dollars.'

—Nina G.



"My mom, for some reason, has always called the ATM the 'money machine.' Like, 'We have to stop by the bank before we go so I can go to the money machine.' When I was a kid, I thought the ATM just dispensed unlimited money to anyone who pushed a few buttons, and I could never understand why I couldn't have anything I wanted. Just go to the money machine and buy it for me!"

—Kate L.


"I thought my dad physically made money, like with a chisel."

—Kurt K.

You’re older and wiser now. So let Ally show you how nothing stops them from doing right by their customers, like they did with this kid.

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