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    My Top 5 Favorite BuzzFeeders

    If your name isn't on this comment in the comment section and tell me to view your quizzes...

    1. ac_amber0514

    ac_amber0514 is in 3rd place with the most views on BuzzFeed, she has been a great commenter and has been really kind, she has so many fun quizzes and I recommend to do her quizzes

    2. Hermione Granger❤️

    Hermione Granger❤️ is a really great buzz feeder. She likes Harry Potter, it's obvious that her favorite character is Hermione Granger. If you look at her description she likes Emma Watson, and Freaky Friday. Her quizzes are also amazing!

    3. hermione_granger_346

    Ahh, it all started when she commented on my post, then I started viewing her quizzes, they were amazing, go check her out!

    4. MagentaRose

    MagentaRose's quizzes are a blast! She predicted what my future kid's house was going to be in Hogwarts! Gryffindor duh... but less talking about me and my kid, her quizzes will bring you happy results...HAPPY!

    5. elia

    Like ac_amber0514, elia is in 1st place of the most views on BuzzFeed. Her quizzes will shock you about how great her quizzes are! I sooo recommend her!

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