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7 Game Of Thrones Character Deaths That Were More Satisfying Than Sex

Words can't describe the pleasure that came with seeing these guys kick the bucket.

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1. Ramsay Bolton


The winner of the douchiest douche award. This one had (most of) us physically jumping for joy and was by far the most satisfying to watch.

2. Joffrey Baratheon


A close second for the very same douchebag award. His rule was an eyesore and his attitude was even worse. Nobody (save for Cersei and perhaps Jaime) actually liked him.

3. Viserys


He had guts, we'll give him that. That's about all he had, though. A racist, sexist and all-round self-serving idiot.

4. The Waif


The Waif's pointless hatred for Arya was downight annoying. Watching her flee was thrilling enough and seeing her win this fight with such injuries was absolutely epic.

5. Walder Frey


Revenge is sweet. Avenging your family is even sweeter. Arya doing it and you have the complete sweet dessert with the cherry on top.

6. Alliser Thorne


Sorry Ser Alliser, no Jon haters allowed. This fandom doesn't allow it.

7. Myranda


She hunted people for sport - not cool. This felt mighty good to watch.

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