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42 Times Blake Shelton Has Publicly Played With Himself

It's no secret that The Voice's resident country crooner loves tweeting about his playlist. Let's call it #masterblaking.

N J 5 years ago

23 Reasons To Watch "The Perfect Score" If You Haven't Already

Released a decade before Captain America was thawed out, the film follows an assortment of high school seniors who assemble with a common goal in mind: steal the answers to the SAT exam to get, you guessed it, The Perfect Score.

N J 5 years ago

13 Times Taylor Swift Was Probably Singing About Sex

"I'll do anything you say if you say it with your hands." Well damn, get it, girl.

N J 5 years ago

Ranking The 17 Songs Mentioned In One Direction's "Better Than Words"

In which 1D uses song titles to properly convey their feelings.

N J 5 years ago

17 Tweets That Solidify Josh Groban's Exceptional Existence

If you're not already following multi-platinum singer, songwriter, and occasional actor Josh Groban on Twitter, you're doing it wrong.

N J 5 years ago

11 Times Zayn Malik's Selfie Game Was Better Than Yours

The prettiest member of One Direction has mastered the art of the #selfie, but which #selfie reigns supreme? Does it even matter? Let's not kid ourselves--if it's a picture of Zayn Malik, we're all winners.

N J 5 years ago