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    11 Times Zayn Malik's Selfie Game Was Better Than Yours

    The prettiest member of One Direction has mastered the art of the #selfie, but which #selfie reigns supreme? Does it even matter? Let's not kid ourselves--if it's a picture of Zayn Malik, we're all winners.

    11. The One With The Duckface

    As loathsome as the duckface has become, Zayn still manages to make it look extremely attractive. That JAWLINE.

    (Hi Perrie Edwards, please excuse us while we gawk at your fiancé.)

    10. The One With The Tongue

    Because who doesn't indulge in a little tongue-out pose from time to time.

    9. The One With The Looking Down

    Twitter: @zaynmalik

    Perhaps this is Philosopher Zayn's moment of contemplation that inspired his trademark quote, "just close your eyes and enjoy the roller coaster that is life :) x".

    8. The One With The Black and White

    Twitter: @zaynmalik

    Imagine Zayn's piercing gaze staring into your soul every night before bed.

    You're welcome.

    7. The One With The "I'm Judging You" Tilt

    Twitter: @zaynmalik

    This is Zayn Malik telling you to look at your life, look at your choices.

    6. The One With The Pout

    Baby, you light up my world like nobody else
    The way that you style your quiff gets me overwhelmed
    And when you pose for the cam
    It ain't hard to tell that you know
    Zayn, you know you're beautiful

    5. The One With The "Pensive Looking Away" Face

    Twitter: @zaynmalik

    That little blonde streak was the highlight of 2012.

    4. The One With The Crew

    Twitter: @zaynmalik

    Is it a requirement that all of Zayn's family members have to be cute?

    Not as cute as Zayn, of course.
    No one is as cute as Zayn.
    Zayn is the cutest.

    3. The One With The Adorable Baby

    Twitter: @zaynmalik

    Well aren't you the most handsome godfather in the entire solar system?

    2. The One With The Smoldering Gaze

    How is it even fair for one person to be blessed with those high cheekbones, long eyelashes, perfectly groomed scruff, immaculate jawline, AND thick eyebrows?

    1. The One With The House Pet

    Twitter: @zaynmalik

    Admit it--you're jealous of that stupid lizard because it gets to crawl all over Zayn's chest and you don't.

    Oh, so you weren't thinking that? Well now you are.

    BONUS: The One With The Product Placement

    Morgan Spurlock would be proud.