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    White Labels Just Made Starting A Business A Whole Lot Easier!!

    White label solution technology has taken the startup business world by storm. What used to take years to setup a business is now a as simple as acquiring a ready made solution that will help you reach out to your potential customers. read on to find out benefits for acquiring such a system.

    The thing about the past few years is, when we trip and fall and hear a crack, most of us hope the sound came from our legs and not our smartphones because apparently those little things are more valuable than our own bones now. My point is, our lives are so centered around our phones now because our phones are gateways to the internet, and so, the world; this creates quite an exciting opportunity for the business world. Utilize smartphones to start successful businesses.

    What’s great about now is that you can start a business out of anything and everything. People have official businesses for walking dogs. That’s not something you would’ve seen ten years ago. But, here’s something that can make the company better and give it a broader reach – create an app for it. But what if you don’t have the know-how needed to create one or maybe you just don’t have the resources? Well, there’s a solution for that too, but first I’m going to give you a few examples of what businesses can benefit the most from app integration. Hint: they’re mostly on demand services. Be warned though; I’m going to be naming some heavy hitters in the industry.

    Which Industries benefit most from apps?


    I don’t think I need to remind anyone who the champion of the transportation industry is, but just in case you’re Patrick Star and have been living under a rock, it’s Uber. However, Uber is not the only heavy hitting transport service out there; there’s also Lyft and Ola and whatnot. Taxi companies have been around since almost forever, and they never generated such a big buzz. So, the question is: what makes these new companies so cool? Well, what makes these guys awesome is that they have made getting a taxi almost effortless for us. All we have to do is go on the app, select a destination and boom, we have ourselves a ride in as little as two taps.

    Food Delivery:

    A few years back, if we wanted to get some home delivery, we would have to go through a larger tedious process. We had to look from a list of numbers for the number of whatever food joint we wanted to eat from, make a call, remember what we wanted to eat, place the order, and then wait about an hour which when you’re hungry is as close to forever than anything else. However, with delivery apps like Postmates or FoodPanda, the whole process has become a lot simpler. We just look for the restaurant from the app, choose what we want from the menu, place the order, and then wait the same infinitely long amount of time. Now, I realize the number of steps is roughly the same, but the whole pre-waiting process takes a lot less time despite the number of steps.

    How do we use apps for our business?

    That’s an excellent question, to which there are two answers. A) You and your team (if you have one) can develop the app by yourselves, which would require a lot of technical skills, equipment, money, etc. B) You could buy a white label solution for the app you want, and all you need is money.

    In case you don’t know, a white label solution is one that is made by one company and sold to another company after it goes through some rebranding in the buying company’s image. You simply contact a white label company, discuss all the features your app requires, discuss the prices, and if you come to an agreement then there you go, your white label solution is ready for use.

    What’s interesting about white label solutions is that most company’s that make them have very flexible pricing plans, so you don’t need to have a tonne of money to be able to acquire. A significant target audience for white label companies is the audience that’s a little limited when it comes to funds. That means just about anyone in any business can acquire white label solutions and start their own company. But, that’s easier said than done; even though starting and running a company is made easier by white label solutions, it’s still not actually easy.

    Some good examples of white label companies are CabStartup and Elluminati. CabStartup, as the name might suggest, caters to the on demand taxi service industry. Elluminati, on the other hand, serves the food delivery industry.

    Bottom Line

    The bottom line is, starting and running a business is easier today than it ever has been. It’s made even more accessible by white label solutions that majorly cater to the on demand services industries which are, for lack of a better phrase, on the rise. So, if anyone one of you is thinking of starting your own business, don’t overlook these two.

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