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10 Things Every Committed Couple Needs To Do

Every couple could use a few tips on living together! Here are some ideas to help it go more smoothly. Plus, an Allstate Agent can help you get the insurance you need to help protect all that’s good in your life. Click here to find an agent near you.

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2. Decide To Do It Together Or Separately


Plan out if you are going to pool your money into a joint account, or if you want to keep your finances separate. Remember, if you decide to have a joint account, you are both responsible for any transaction that goes in or out.

3. Or Get The Best Of Both Worlds

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For those who want to share money with their partner, but still want financial independence, go ahead and open two accounts. One joint account to cover bills and any other joint expenses, and another with your own income.

4. Have Equal Responsibility Around The House


Who enjoys doing chores? No one, but both of you have to put in a little effort. Create a list that splits up household chores evenly. That way, you'll spend less time cleaning and more time cuddling in your spotless home.

6. Set Aside Time To Have A Little Fun


You're both busy, but make sure you set a time to have fun with each other. Go to your favorite club, walk around your favorite market, or stay home and enjoy a reality TV marathon together. All that matters is that you're spending quality time together doing something you both love.

7. Get Some Personal Space


You love your partner with all your heart, but let's be real, do you want to be around them 24/7? Whether it's a local coffee shop or a little nook in your house, have a place where you can go to and unwind by yourself. It'll make the time you're with your partner that much more special.

8. Pick Your Battles


Does your partner love to sing just a little too loudly in the shower? Do they make an annoying noise when trying to get food out of their teeth? If the little things are really bothering you, say something right away. Otherwise, learn to accept their little "quirks" and let the small stuff go.

10. Get Health Insurance Coverage For Both Of You


Do some research to see if your work provider's plan includes coverage for your partner. For life insurance, Allstate allows you to list anyone as the beneficiary on a life insurance policy. So even if you and your partner aren't married, you can still help provide financial security if something happens to you. Feel safe #outholdinghands with Allstate.

Be proud to be #outholdinghands with the one you love.

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