8 Of The Best Celebrity Twitter Feuds

The sky’s the limit when public figures are given 140 characters to say whatever thought passes through their ear holes. Catch your favorite dueling celebs in the newest season of All Star Celebrity Apprentice, premiering March 3rd on NBC.

1. Rebecca Black vs. Justin Bieber, Demi Lovato and Selena Gomez

Our favorite part about this “feud” is that Rebecca Black sits silently in a corner while these three laugh at their inside jokes. It’s like middle school, in a few different ways.

(Getty / Mark Davis), (AP / The Associated Press), (Getty / Jason Merritt), (Getty / Jemal Countess)

2. Chris Brown vs. Jenny Johnson

A million more insults were hurled after this notorious exchange. So many, in fact, that Chris Brown felt the need to get rid of the evidence and deactivate his twitter account.

(Kirk McKoy/Los Angeles Times/MCT), Source 2

3. Jon Hamm vs. Kim Kardashian

We’re torn on this one. She’s got a point. But it’s an unsettling point.

(Getty / Frederick M. Brown), (Getty / Jason Merritt)

4. Kelly Osbourne vs. Luke Worrall

The silly man didn’t even leave the retaliation tweet up for us to judge. No matter, we’re pretty sure Kelly came out on top, here.

(Getty / Jennifer Graylock), Source 2

5. Max George of The Wanted vs. Zayn Malik of One Direction

This is some straight poop-talk, guys. How did Zayn know about Max’s chlamydia? These are the questions.

(Getty / Michael Buckner), (Getty / Jamie McCarthy)

6. Steven Tyler vs. Nicki Minaj

Steven later apologized for his comment, and we think he was right to do so.

(Reuters / Jessica Rinaldi), (AP / Todd Williamson)

7. Azealia Banks vs. Perez Hilton and GLAAD

Perez had sided with a rival of Azealia’s soon before these rants. There was a bit of a misunderstanding about how powerful certain words can be, on the part of Ms. Banks. She eventually apologized to all she may have offended - excluding Perez. She’s not trying to apologize to Perez.

(Getty / Tullio M. Puglia), (Getty / Toby Canham)

8. Aimee Mann vs. Ice T

Hot. Bowl. Of. Dicks.

(Getty / Jeff Gentner), (Getty / Charles Leonio)

Celebrity Apprentice is Back! All Stars!

Frederick M. Brown / Getty Images

Watch All Star Celebrity Apprentice March 3rd on NBC! Gary Busey, guys! GARY BUSEY.

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