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16 Kids That Prove Happiness Is Making A Big Ol’ Mess

The smiles say it all. No matter how much “happiness" your little Pig-Pen gets into, all® is there to get it out.

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1. Taking a well-deserved mud bath to relaaaaaaax and unwiiiind.

Victoria Snowber / Getty Images

2. Finding new ways to express your gifted artistic talents.

Paul Biris / Getty Images

3. Surprising your parents with something that will surely spark a reaction (hopefully good?).


4. Eating, like, all the chocolate you want because you have had A DAY.

Betsie Van der Meer / Getty Images

5. Finding that BFF who's seriously game for anything.

sarahwolfephotography / Getty Images

6. Loving something so so so so so so SO much that you want it all at once.

Ari Voukydis / BuzzFeed

7. Getting to the bottom of the mysteries of the world.

mliu92 / CC BY-SA http://2.0 / Via Flickr: mliu92

8. Living every day without regrets or apologies.

9. Accidentally discovering a new look and really digging it.

Joel Sartore / Getty Images

10. Lending a helping hand whenever you can because you're a good person like that.

Camille Tokerud / Getty Images

11. Doing things on your OWN terms because ain't nobody tellin' you how to live your life.

12. Making your own little party when the opportunity arises.

swambo / CC BY-SA http://2.0 / Via Flickr: swambo

13. Being too exhausted after having the meal of your LIFE!

14. Exploring your crazy side just because you felt like it.

Travis Price / Getty Images

15. Finding the sunshine on a cloudy day.

Anders Andersson / Getty Images

16. And reflecting at the end of the day, realizing your life is pretty glorious.

LazingBee / Getty Images

Nothing like pure happiness. For all the fun messes in life there's all®, Proud Sponsor of Peanuts® kids everywhere.

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