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    9 Of The Coolest Acts Of Love From The Loving Year

    Sending encouraging postcards to strangers, posting instructions on how to start a dance party for one and putting self-celebration packages on strangers' doorsteps are just some of the acts of love Michael Jukeson has performed as his role as the "Chief Loving Officer" of the project The Loving Year, a 365-day RV trip through North America with his dog, Bro. Meanwhile, I'm complaining about going to work and wondering how many pieces of bread I can eat before I get fat. We all need some love, how will you pass it on?

    8. Inspiring People at an Highway Ramp in Gallup, New Mexico

    7. Distributing Encouragement Cards Around Pawhuska, Oklahoma

    6. Loving Affirmation Easter Egg Hunt in Dickson, Tennessee

    5. Dancing 4 Smiles in Santa Fe, New Mexico

    4. Self-Celebration Surprises in Santa Fe, New Mexico

    3. Dance Party Starter Signs in Bullhead, Arizona

    2. Thank You Cards for Strangers in Redondo Beach, California

    1. Secret Love Letter Tag in Los Angeles, California

    Random Postcard Affirmation in Bakersfield, California