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24 Things All Lefties Will Understand

Please don't ask me if I'm left-handed.

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1. Cutting things is out of the question...

2. ...and leaves you feeling ~dumb~ and ~inadequate~.

Jenn Walker / Via Twitter: @JennTWalker

3. This shit.

Trainers and Tears / Via

4. All day.

Quest Blazer / Via

5. Every day.

Artful Bean / Via

6. So basically.

#LeftyProbs / Via Twitter: @LeftiesUnited

7. As hard as you try, there's no way around it.

#LeftyProbs / Via Twitter: @LeftiesUnited

8. But people really don't need to go and rub it in.


9. We're really not asking for all that much.

Thomas Sanders / Via Twitter: @ThomasSanders

10. It's actually impossible to learn how to do anything from a righty.

Happily Dreaming Nicole / Via

11. Reversing it isn't an option.

12. There's absolutely no way to eat with righties...

Sara Pocock / Buzzfeed

13. ...or do anything with righties for that matter.

14. You struggling to do even the "simplest" things.

Being a Lefty / Via

15. Never being able to get to your food.

16. Being possessive of left-handed desks is a given...

When you see a right handed person take the last left handed seat. #leftyprobs


17. ...because a classroom without any left-handed desks is a special form of torture.

18. Haters are always trying to tell you that your checkmarks are backwards.

Aaron Ellis / Via Twitter: @aaronjellis

19. No one can ever read what you were writing.

Payton Burbank / Via Twitter: @Pburbank53

20. Nothing is ever set up the right — I mean, left — way.


21. You constantly have to field questions about being left-handed.

Nebobulated / Via

22. It's not particularly interesting.

In-the-Middle-of-a-Snow-Dream / Via

23. There are about 750 million lefties in the world, but thanks so much for sharing.

Loose-Pants-Happy-Dance / Via

24. In conclusion.