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    21 Creepy Kids Who Are Right Out Of A Horror Film

    "It's gonna get you."

    We asked the BuzzFeed Community for the freakiest thing they've ever seen a child say or do. Here are the bone-chilling results:

    1. This eerie psychic:

    "My 5-year-old niece went up to my mom and whispered in her ear, 'You're going to die, and when you die, I'm still gonna be alive.'"


    2. This creepy cremation:

    "A little girl I used to babysit loved to put her Barbies in the oven so that they could 'die hot.'"


    New Line Cinema

    3. This real-life nightmare:

    "When I was younger, I woke up screaming at the top of my lungs. My parents ran into the room, and found me huddled up against the wall on my bed, pointing to the corner, crying my eyes out, saying: 'She's in the corner. She won't stop staring at me! Please tell her to leave.'"


    4. This frightening feast:

    "Once, during dinner, my little sister randomly said, 'This is what I'll look like when I'm dead.' Then, she went limp, rolled her eyes back, and stuck her tongue out. After a few seconds, she smiled and started eating again."


    The CW

    5. This paranormal houseguest:

    "One of my teammates has a younger sister who talks about her friend Jeff who floats in the closet and doesn't have a face."


    6. This rational fear of the dark:

    "My 3-year-old niece kept staring into the dining room, eyes wide and unblinking. Then, she said: 'He doesn't like it with the lights off.' A minute later, she got all excited, pointed behind me towards the staircase, and said, 'He go upstairs now.' Both times, when I turned around to look, there was nothing there."


    Blumhouse Productions

    7. These disturbing dwellers:

    "When my brother was 6, he told me that people with no faces crawled out of his mirror and lived under his bed."


    8. This little Leatherface:

    "When my son was almost 2, he came to me with a toy saw in hand. He started to make see-saw motions on my throat with it, and with a creepy smile on his face sang, 'Sleep, mommy, sleep. Chainsaws don't cut trees.'"



    9. This wannabe Grim Reaper:

    "At a funeral, my niece made a slicing motion on her dad's neck, smiled a creepy, evil smile as she slowly walked past people, and whispered, 'I want to kill somebody.'"


    10. This spooky screamer:

    "During nap time, one of my 4-year-old students stood up on her mat from a dead sleep and screamed: 'WE HAVE TO GO NOW. THE MAN IS IN THE CORNER.' She went back to sleep, but later, during snack, the girl turned to me and said with a grave expression: 'He tried to touch you with his nine fingers.' Then, she smiled and continued eating her graham cracker like nothing had happened."


    Compton Films

    11. This murderous, haunted plumbing:

    "I heard a little girl telling her mom about the man she was talking to through the drain in the kitchen sink that morning. She said he wanted her to play with him, but to do that, she needed to kill her parents."


    12. This ominous imaginary friend:

    "When my little brother was 5, he started saying that he kept seeing "the man with the bunny ears" around the house. My family thought it was cute until the day he pointed to a demon in the scary movie we were watching and said, 'THAT'S HIM. THAT'S THE MAN WITH THE BUNNY EARS!'"



    13. This otherworldly communication:

    "My grandfather, who we called Poppie, died just a few months after my nephew was born. One day, my uncle was driving past the quarry where my grandfather used to work, and my 2-year-old nephew pointed at the quarry and said, 'Poppie used to work there.' When my uncle asked how he knew that, my nephew replied, 'He told me.'"


    14. The demonic little customer:

    "When my niece was 4, she and her parents went out to dinner and when the waiter was taking their order, my niece scowled at him and in a deep voice said, 'I will murder you.'"


    15. This terrifying nap time:

    "I was watching over my students during their nap time. A boy woke up and started crying and looking around. I asked what was wrong, and he whispered in horror, 'Everyone was dead.'"


    The CW

    16. This freakish premonition:

    "There is an old home video of my cousin getting a dollhouse. In it, her dad comes over to her while she's playing. She starts singing, 'Daddy's dancing on the chimney.' When he asks, 'What's Daddy going to do now?', she looks deadpan in the camera and says, 'Daddy is gonna die now.'"


    17. This devilish warning:

    "I was leaving my friend's house one night. Her 3-year-old looked at me and said, 'It's gonna get you.' I looked outside, didn't see anything, and asked what he had said. He said, 'It's gonna get you, Chelsea.'"


    New Line Cinema

    18. This girl with some scary friends:

    "Once, I told my little sister to stop doing what she was doing, and she looked me dead in the eyes, pointed over my shoulder, and said, 'My friends don't like you telling me that, and they said they're gonna hurt you now.'"


    19. This terrifying toddler:

    "I was in a carpool with a classmate. Out of nowhere, her 3-year-old sister started thrashing her head into the sides of her car seat and laughing maniacally. I said, 'Julie, what are you doing?' She stopped thrashing, looked me dead in the eye, and said in a deep, demonic voice: 'I'm not Julie!'"


    Warner Bros.

    20. This hair-raising servant:

    "I once walked into my band director's office to find his 6-year-old son slowly spinning around in a rolling chair while creepily singing "Up on the Housetop." When I asked him what he was doing, he smiled and said: 'Just singing to my master.'"


    21. And this unnerving arrival:

    "I was once babysitting a little boy, and out of nowhere, he started counting down from five. When he reached one, he looked me right in the eye and said: 'She's here.'"


    The CW

    Note: Submissions have been edited for length and/or clarity.

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