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    Posted on Jul 13, 2017

    There's Cards Against Humanity "For Her" And It's Absolutely Savage

    Finally a game fit for a lady.

    We all know and love Cards Against Humanity.

    Cards Against Humanity / Via

    We admire its creativity and strokes of pure genius.

    Cards Against Humanity / Via

    In case you were wondering, no, the Bigger Blacker Box does not come with any other products in it. It's quite literally an empty box.

    The game's creators are so good they actually convinced people to pay $5 for absolutely nothing on Black Friday.

    Cards Against Humanity / Via

    And now...they've released something even better...

    Gold Circle Films / Via

    Cards Against Humanity for Her.

    🎀👋Say hi to Cards Against Humanity for Her. It's exactly the same as the original game, but it's pink & costs more:

    It's an obvious necessity for women.

    Cards Against Humanity for Her / Via

    It certainly took them long enough.

    Finally! Women can now play Cards Against Humanity. About. Damn. Time.

    But it's okay because they thought of almost everything. They looked into our likes and dislikes.

    Cards Against Humanity for Her / Via

    They created a ~perfect~ match for all our pink bananas.

    Cards Against Humanity for Her / Via

    They proved that whoever said that diamonds were a girl's best friend was obviously wrong.

    Cards Against Humanity for Her / Via

    Feeling stressed and like you need a spa day? They've got you covered.

    Cards Against Humanity for Her / Via

    Need a new razor? Look no further.

    Cards Against Humanity for Her / Via

    Naturally, there were questions.

    @CAH But is the box daintier and lighter weight for my small, weak lady hands?

    @Phil16723 @CAH Are there mansplanations at the bottom of each card?

    @CAH As a lady-person, I'd buy it, but only if you pour blue liquid over the box to show its absorbency. Also, does it come with wings?

    I know. I know. The lack of wings is really throwing you. You're asking yourself if you really need this. Now you're wondering if you really always need wings. Do they actually help that much? Stop worrying. The answer is yes. Yes, you need this. And yes, wings are a lifesaver.

    This quote from the ‘Cards Against Humanity for Her’ website is v v v choice

    Well played, Cards Against Humanity. Well played.

    NBC / Via

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