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Updated on Dec 9, 2018. Posted on Jun 17, 2017

Are You More Southern Sorority Girl Or Northern Sorority Girl?

Don't worry. You're still sratty either way.

  1. You're going to class. What do you throw on?

  2. Do you own something from Lilly Pulitzer?
  3. What's your go-to footware?

  4. Do you own a floppy hat?
  5. Do you own cowboy boots?
  6. You're going to a frat formal. How do you thank your date for taking you?

  7. How passionate are you about pastels?
  8. Where are your favorite sandals from?

  9. Would you ever leave the house without a full face of makeup?
  10. How many monogrammed items do you own?
  11. Are frackets essential to your wellbeing?
  12. Do you use croakies?

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