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    37 Things Only Grocery Store Employees Will Understand

    No, this register is not open.

    1. Karen is your public enemy #1.

    2. Closely followed by the crazy regulars.

    3. You know there's nothing better than defeating a customer...

    4. ...except the end of your shift...

    5. ...and the sweet freedom of regular-people clothes.

    6. People seem to forget that you're a person too.

    7. And they never consider the fact that you like to be addressed like one.

    8. You would think that people would learn that there are better ways.

    9. Or at least give you the courtesy of simple pleasantries.

    10. You're very familiar with the different kinds of shoppers.

    11. And you're no stranger to their evil ways.

    12. But you know how to put them in their place.

    13. And really couldn't care less when they throw temper tantrums.

    14. In fact, you're physically incapable of caring any less.

    15. You dread having to open a register.

    16. Being called to the front is pretty much just a death sentence.

    That moment when you get to the back of the store and they call you to the front. #nicetiming

    17. You have very specific guidelines for people you will tolerate.

    18. You can't tolerate people who don't understand how buying produce works.

    19. Or people who treat you like you're a leper.

    20. Or people who don't understand the difference between "slide" and "insert."

    21. But on the bright side, working the register has basically taught you a new language.

    22. You know that altogether, being a cashier is rough.

    23. Especially when people don't understand that it's possible to just be nice.

    24. You also know that being a bagger is highly unpleasant.

    #baggerproblems coming home with achy feet every day because you have been on them way more than you've been sitting in the past 12 hours

    25. You're literally expected to be a mind reader.

    When the customer doesn't like the way you bag and they weren't specific about the way they wanted you to bag #BaggerProblems

    26. And get both verbally and physically abused.

    I have so many scratches and cuts from paper bags that it looks like I got into a fight with a cat #baggerproblems

    27. Occasionally customers are cool.

    Customers who put the cans first on the belt #baggerproblems @JanellEVoves

    28. But then they go and ruin it.

    Dislike when customers ask for paper in plastic #BaggerProblems

    29. The only solace is in closing your register, but someone always manages to ruin the sweet relief.

    30. And causes you to have a meltdown.

    31. Customers don't seem to have any concept of time.

    32. At all.

    33. And you're definitely not going to help them out.

    34. They also don't seem to understand organization.

    35. Seriously, do they think this is a junkyard?

    36. And it's mind boggling to you that they think you actually care, when you really just hate everyone and everything.

    37. But then you get paid and everything is sunshine and rainbows again.