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26 Wrong Number Texts That Will Restore Your Faith In Humanity

"Just a lady cave and an awkward text."

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1. Way to go Hannah.

2. Well that escalated quickly.

3. Just a caring stranger.

4. Well that's suspicious.

Got a wrong number text. Decided to follow up:

5. Wonder what that couple was doing.

6. Not sure what part they didn't understand.

7. Biology might be a slight barrier here.

8. It's just so wholesome.

9. Let's be real. Who doesn't?

10. Pretty sure that's not a cat.

11. It's like looking in a mirror.

12. The ultimate Doctor Who fan.

13. Corey is not in the house.

14. We all need a little love.

15. The heart does go on.

16. Who knew there were real life applications for standardized testing?

17. What a cute pupper.

18. What kind of heartless human rejects a good doge?

19. The ultimate tragedy.

20. A pure soul trying to share his passion with the world.

21. Well that was awkward.

22. That's a damn good offer.

i got a text from an unknown number and tried to make a joke but i don't think they found it funny oops

23. Is that a phone is his mouth?

24. Wait come back!

25. Swiggity swooty.

26. How rude.

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