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    • allisons31

      Get your shit together. Women are not automatically obligated to be interested in you because you’re nice (by the way, if you’re a meninist, you’re not nice.) You are not entitled to a woman’s attention because you behaved like adults are SUPPOSED to behave in this society (actual nice guys don’t expect a reward for being nice - like a date). Women can reject men because they’re not attracted to them without being ‘shallow.’ You need to get over yourself, quick, because no woman is ever going to give you the time of day if you radiate this entitlement and obvious resentment towards women (oh nooooooooooo feminists! HELP!) Most guys who are actually nice are capable of being rejected by a woman without demanding a Buzzfeed article being written about the unfairness of it all and the shallowness of the ‘female’ species. (Btw stop calling us ‘females’ it’s an automatic red flag that you’re treating us like anatomical specimens and not people. ‘Women’ is a fine term.)

    • allisons31

      Dude you’re just a kid - you don’t yet realize how much shit women have to deal with from men. Sure not all guys are shitheads like this, but EVERY woman at some point has dealt with someone like this online. I have, everyone I know has. It’s not as rare as you think. Stop trying to point out societal problems exemplified by buzzfeed lists when you don’t know anything about the world yet. Give yourself some time to experience more of life, you don’t know enough to make comments like this yet.

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