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This Bizarre 3D Dress Has The Most Hilarious Comment Section Ever

You, too, can be a Lego for the small price of $2,455.00.

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This reviewer loved the way the dress made her feel like a waffle princess.


"This dress makes Me feel like a princess. It feels like I'm a fresh out of the oven hot sexy waffle ready to dance my way to fame. There's no better feeling than a fresh pastry ready to hit the clubs and dance all night. I didn't even need perfume! I just equipt myself with some maple syrup. Let me tell you this dress does wonders! Guys were staring at me all night!"

This reviewer says the dress brought her family back together (although it isn't suitable for 90-year-old women's daily naps).


"I bought this for my mother for her 90th birthday. She is very sick, but in this masterpiece of a dress she felt beautiful. My one complaint is when she lay for her daily nap, the origami features were compressed, and I had to refold each feature. This product has helped piece my family back together after mothers illness nearly took her from us. Thank you monofilament mesh dress, you meshed my family together! :)"

And this reviewer said what we're all thinking... LEGOS.


"This dress was the perfect selection for my son's Lego robotics competition. The only drawback was that I was mistaken several times for the mascot. A small price to pay for such high fashion, though!"

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