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    15 Under-The-Desk Foot Rests That'll Actually Make Sitting At Your Desk Relaxing

    Never hunch over your desk like a goblin again. Some sweet relief for your aching back and feet is here.

    1. A teardrop-shaped foot rest made for keeping your toes both rested and engaged, so working at your desk doesn't have to be a torturous affair.

    2. An anti-fatigue mat for standing desks if you stand all day for work and desperately need to break up the boredom. This mat balances from side to side, giving your muscles a slight workout while you work.

    3. A bestselling ergonomic foot rest with three different heights that reviewers say works great if your feet don't touch the ground or if you suffer from foot, back, or knee pain. It's got a slight swivel to it so you can increase circulation to your lower body.

    4. A velvet foot rest that's super soft, so your body can finally get the sweet relief it deserves as you grind away at your desk. It's convertible between a rocker and a stay-in-place foot rest, giving you multiple options to relieve the stiffness.

    5. A foot rest that tilts up to 20 degrees, so that your long-suffering joints can let loose. It's constructed from a metal frame and has rubber feet to protect your floors.

    6. A splurge-worthy Humanscale ergonomic foot rocker designed to engage your lower leg muscles, relieving pressure on your lower back as well.

    7. A climate control foot rest with nine heat settings and three vibration modes. On top of that, you can also adjust the height and the angle, so you can work serenely at your desk while your officemates' toes freeze.

    Foot warming device with massage function, person using it while seated

    8. An under-desk foot hammock providing an escape from your Monday morning Zoom meeting as you swing your feet back and forth and pretend you're on a tropical island.

    9. A foot rest with an added support bar ingeniously providing you with several foot-elevation options so you don't have to commit or succumb to your back pain!

    10. A shoulder-width footstool rocker with an extra-grippy surface you can roll your feet on in any direction you want. Your sore back will thank you later!

    11. A height-adjustable platform foot rest ideal for sitting or standing desk dwellers who need a foot rest that can adapt to the height they need. It ranges between 6" and 11" from the floor, so you can adjust between sitting and standing!

    12. A memory foam platform foot rest soft enough so your feet can have a spa day under your desk, but sturdy enough to support your joints. It also has a foot pedal adjustment system so you don't have to leave your chair to get it to the desired tilt.

    13. An ergonomic memory foam foot rest your feet will absolutely love for the dual rocker function and the fact that the plush yet supportive foam will feel like a massage for your overworked ankles.

    14. An adjustable incline footrest to help you both rest your tootsies and stretch your calves when needed, which is especially handy on those days when you're basically glued to your desk.

    model using a blue footrest under a desk
    reviewer photo of them using the adjustable footrest and wearing green sneakers

    Promising review: "I cannot BELIEVE this little thing has changed my entire life. I sit for HOURS a day at my desk and I always feel like I need my feet up? I bought this and within MINUTES, my back and legs felt amazing. I cannot get over how well this works. So simple, so effective. I'd buy 100 more if I needed them." –J. H.

    Get it from Amazon for $27.99 (available in three colors). 

    15. An adjustable height footrest that'll rotate to give you comfort all day long. Plus, the top can be removed and attached to your desk chair for lumbar support.

    Black adjustable office chair with wear on the seat, set on a tiled floor against wooden cabinets

    Stuck in your office chair for eight hours a day? Now at least your back won't hurt.