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    19 Of The Best Travel Makeup Bags So You Can Jet-Set In Style

    Time to create some stunning looks while you adventure across the world.

    1. A 2-in-1 Lay-n-Go makeup bag which ingeniously fans out into a durable, machine-washable mat, so you can actually lay out all the products you need without having to rifle even a little bit.

    lifestyle image of makeup splayed out in Lay-n-Go bag
    reviewer photo and infographic of the lay-n-go bag

    Promising review: "As an avid traveler with a lot of cosmetics and moisturizers, I had to resort to using plastic Ziploc bags to hold it all because my pretty carriers just took up too much room in my carry-on bag. This is so wonderful to just loosen it and place it on the hotel counter and everything is there and can be easily organized for my stay. When ready to leave I just tighten the strings! Plus it makes the hotel bathroom look so much more organized rather than my placing the items on one of their hand towels on the counter. Kudos on an awesome product!" —Customer

    Get it from Amazon for $19.95+ (available in three sizes and 23 colors).

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    2. A clear makeup bag with a secret brush compartment on the bottom that'll be an unspeakably improved upgrade from any Ziploc bag or run-of-the-mill clear pouch.

    product image of makeup products in clear pink makeup bag
    reviewer photo of bottom brush compartment

    Promising review: "I have been using this for a couple of months and I love it. It fits everything you need, it’s the perfect size, it fits a huge amount of stuff but is not too big or heavy. I love that it’s transparent cause it makes it easy to find things, but my favorite is the bottom pocket where you can fit the brushes. I used to have to carry two different bags. With this one, I only carry one thing. It’s amazing. I love it!" —Adriana Rodriguez

    Get it from Amazon for $9.99+ (available in two sizes and seven colors).

    3. A Beis makeup bag featuring a magnetic brush holder, a removable mirror, and an indestructible, spill-proof lining rife with viral TikTok moments — see: literally curb-stomping a blush inside and then wiping up the mess, no problemo.

    beige and black travel makeup bags
    infographic about the Beis travel makeup case

    Promising review: "I love my new makeup travel case! It holds everything cosmetic-wise that I would ever need to travel with and has great accessories. The magnetic brush holder is so nifty and the included mirror is great in a pinch. The outside of the case is a vegan leather that is smooth and soft to the touch. But the wipe away material on the inside of the case was the feature I was most excited about (just in case makeup were to spill inside), and it works wonderfully! I accidentally knocked a coffee across the desk I was using, and it of course got all over my open makeup case. Luckily, the material wiped clean easily and now is as good as new! I couldn’t say the same for my exposed makeup however haha. Although a little pricey, I believe this case is durable and will last a long while!" —Cierra P.

    Get it from Beis for $68 (available in two colors).

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    4. travel makeup bag you won't believe is so affordable for how much better it makes your life. The zip-out brush compartment reveals an extra pocket for some travel-size goodies.

    product image of makeup bag with brush compartment
    reviewer photo of makeup bag full of makeup

    Promising review: "Been using this makeup bag for about 6 months now. I've used 20+ makeup bags and this is by far my favorite! Everything stays organized and it's very easy to access. I usually open it from the front and access everything from there. It is very easy to see everything and has eliminated frustrating moments when I'm in a rush. I also love it because it's a soft and flexible structure which makes it easy to pack in a suitcase when space is limited. It's holding up well. If it ever fails, I will definitely buy another one. That's how much I love it!" —NYC mama

    Get it from Amazon for $9.99+ (available in two sizes, with a zip opening or wire-frame opening, and 11 designs).

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    5. A compact travel makeup bag small enough to throw in a backpack. It's ideal for separating your makeup products from those brushes that you haven't washed in years (or, let's be honest, ever) thanks to the bottom compartment.

    black makeup bag with makeup inside
    unzipped double compartment with brushes inside
    The Container Store

    Promising review: "I love how sturdy this makeup bag is. I place all my brushes in the bottom portion and my makeup compacts and liquids in the top portion. Great product." —AvGirlTX

    Get it from The Container Store for $39.99 (available in three colors).

    6. A travel makeup bag giving off designer handbag vibes with the creamy faux leather construction, but with the added functionality of a wire-frame opening and a built-in zippered brush compartment.

    reviewer photo of black faux leather toiletry bag
    reviewer photo of the unzipped bottom compartment

    Promising review: "I love how mature this looks; it is perfect for traveling for work and feels classy. I love that the top stays open so I don't have to dump everything on a towel on the hotel bathroom counter. The pockets inside help keep things neat and I can fit all my brushes I need underneath. The only thing I don't like is that you can't access the bottom pocket while the top is open (which I knew when I bought it, and if you could the brushes would be less secure and protected). I love this bag and have recommended it to other people I work with. Would definitely buy again." —MissMattie

    Get it from Amazon for $23.99 (available in four colors).

    7. small makeup bag with a deceptive amount of compartments, mesh pockets, and elastic brush slots for the size, so even if you're a makeup maximalist, you'll be able to pack light every time.

    reviewer photo of black travel makeup bag
    same reviewer's photo of makeup inside
    same reviewer's photo of makeup inside

    Promising review: "I bought this makeup bag almost a year ago, and I still use it on a daily basis. I'm the type where I make last minute plans, go away for the weekend on a minute's notice, and I can easily throw this bag in a suitcase, backpack, my car, and have everything ready to go. The brush holders on the inside easily fit all the brushes I need, and the detachable mesh insert holds all of my fundamentals. It won't hold a large eyeshadow palette (I usually use the NAKED palettes and that won't fit easily) but it'll fit smaller and individual palettes no problem. Also, if you're like me, usually my makeup bags get so dirty on the inside from brushes and accidentally opened eyeliners. I haven't had a single issue with this bag. Everything has a place, so nothing has the chance to break or crumble. Not to mention it's good quality! No tears, rips, problems with the zipper, nothing in an entire year. This bag is reliable and worth the buy! As soon as the one I have wears out (which doesn't look like it'll be for a while) I'm buying another!" —Tawny Gorbutt

    Get it from Amazon for $6.79+ (available in 10 colors).

    8. A Sonia Kashuk makeup bag in a sleek black design you can tote around wherever you go and look like an absolute travel pro.

    photo collage of black makeup bag with top brush compartment

    Promising review: "I’ve had this for almost a year now and it is one of the best purchases ever. It’s so practical. I have two littles and when I don’t have time to get ready before we leave for school in the morning, it’s nice to have everything conveniently in one bag. There’s a compartment for brushes/tweezers etc, then a bigger compartment for all of your makeup needs. You can easily fit a brush, and extra accessories in it as well." —MWhite24

    Get it from Target for $19.99.

    9. A leather makeup bag that'll be the classiest accessory by your side as you jet-set around the world, because life is too short not to travel in style. 

    four colorful leather makeup bags
    closeup of bag opening
    Drina Crafts / Etsy

    Drina Crafts is an Etsy small business based in Romania started by Drina, a mother of two who designs and creates high-quality leather bags.

    Promising review: "Simply stunning!!! Can't imagine I came across this 'must have' bag, it's beautiful and well-made, has an expensive look, and holds all my beauty treats. It's very neat, but can I tell you, it holds a lot! Instead of having my beauty products scattered in my bag, they can all be fitted in this. Shipped from Romania to UK in no time. I definitely recommend this shop because of its good craftsmanship and attention to simple detail. It's leather, so I'll have it for a long time! Love, love, love!!!" —LoveMyself

    Get it from Drina Crafts on Etsy for $59.39 (available in three colors).

    10. A travel makeup organizer including three mesh organizers for the purist who likes their liquid foundations and powder foundations to have their own designated space.

    blue makeup organizers, surrounded by the mesh organizers that come inside

    Promising review: "I wanted to visit this in person before buying, and it was a pretty easy sell. The quality is great (well worth the price) and the size is just right for pretty much everything I have, including my fairly sizable go-to palette. I really like that you can take the inside bags out and fill the base compartment if needed (or swap in and out depending on what you need); so it's almost like three bags in one." —widgetoc

    Get it from Ulta for $28 (online only price; originally $40).

    11. A travel makeup bag any makeup artist would be proud to carry, featuring deeper, adjustable compartments that can fit all your essentials, not just some.

    reviewer photo of outside of makeup case
    reviewer photo of the makeup bag full of makeup

    Watch this TikTok of this travel makeup bag in action!

    Promising review: "AWESOME. I read a million reviews and tried to make a subjective choice before I commit...this one was dead on. I put my makeup on in the car and often tote my makeup bag wherever I go. This saves me time by keeping my makeup organized! The dividers are sturdy and moveable, the material on the bag would definitely be waterproof and easy to wipe foundation or any other dirt off the outside or inside. It's also padded in a sense, so it would be great for travel and you could even put perfume in it and I'm sure it wouldn't break. EVERY PENNY WORTH IT!" —Kristin

    Get it from Amazon for $19.98+ (available in four sizes and 15 designs).